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He only served 13 months, always remember that - when he should have been executed. Short of that, life in prison and have him put into General Population. F**k the "Affluenza" excuse used by Freemason Judges to let rich perps get away with it for fear that they wouldn't be able to handle Prison being around regular felons. He needs to go to Prison and get the Dahmer treatment.

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Could not read it all. Yes, be Forewarned the PDF is VERY Graphic. Had to stop. I thought the girls were like 16 or 17 (which is still unacceptable) but some were as young as 12!!! And there were rapes not just other abuses. JE is a SICK Individal and totally Self Absorbed with his Sexual Organ and Self Gratification. In Other Words Totally NARCISSISTIC. A Perfect Description of a PEDOPHILE.

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MattHelm below describes one disgusting tactic employed by defense counsel. The other one was the " no prosecution agreement" . This NPA protected any co-defendants from prosecution, a new concept of law created by co-counsel Prof. Alan Dershowitz , who was not only a vital witness to the trafficking but who was a recipient of a massage. At first he denied any interaction with Epstein's girls but eventually he admitted to a single massage in which he kept his underwear on. The NPO is a new legal tactic that will eventually will be tested in the higher courts. How mainstream media has ignored not only the crimes but legal tactics that so utterly undermine law enforcement is both incredible and dangerous.

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Hey all. New to Voat. Long time pedogate investigator. Have an important submission but need 10 CCP to create it. Does that mean I need upvotes or something? Can you guys help an anon out?

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Hi altalias. Welcome to Voat. :-)

The fastest way to gain enough CCP to post is to contribute in the Comment section of other people's threads. Asking for upvotes will generally have the opposite effect, since that is a Reddit thing and most Voat goats hate Reddit.

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Great find! This is indeed a lawsuit against lawyers and not for the faint of heart. The complaint begins by summarizing the undisputed facts of Epsteins abuse and the pyramid scheme by which he procured more and more victims, believed to be in the hundreds but only 40 were identified. The complaint provides graphic details of the abuse. It goes on to describe the plea bargain and some of the facts behind the plea bargain. This civil case was voluntarily dismissed by the party filing it.

@AreWeSure does a nice job of reciting the procedural background of the casefile. But he fails to mention the factual background of Epstein's deplorable crimes and plea bargain which I think was the reason for the post.

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His lawyers contacted every girl and encouraged told their parents to sue Epstein then as part of the large money payment the girls agreed they would never testify in court about what Epstein did to them. He literally bought his way out of prison without the girls testimony there was no way to convict him. The very rich are very different from us.

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https://hooktube.com/watch?v=byCeq_RIJRU :

JEFFREY EPSTEIN #SICKSICKSICK #POS Deposition donald trump & HOLY GRAIL Case09-34791 - YouTube

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Donald Trump is the false prophet who made a deal with the devil to push the mark of the beast.

Trump makes deals with child rapists and murderers. He is a Freemason. He is a pedophile. He is corrupt. He married a prostitute. He builds casinos that prey on the poor. He praises known corrupt criminals. He is compromised. He is a traitor. He is a FAKE.

Jesus Christ hates Donald Trump.

How is anyone expecting Trump to drain the swamp when he is close, personal friends with so many swamp creatures, has only appointed more swamp creatures, and clearly has been compromised by the Mossad, the mafia, the Rothschilds, and so many others along his career?

We are the Witness. We gave the FBI, DOJ, and Donald Trump actionable evidence of criminal corruption and abuse involving the wealthiest families and most powerful politicians in America.

Instead of enforcing the law and indicting those involved, those who knew what happened were targeted, and several were murdered.

As everyone saw yesterday, Peter Strzok and the FBI are a terrorist organization engaged in global corruption, criminal activity and abuse.

There is no law, and Trump is a luciferian who pretends to be Christian. He is a FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE.

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You are forgetting the Clintons, both bill and Hillary. They are not innocent at all. They have covered up so much crime that they themselves and their friends have committed. No political party or person is ever a saint. Especially the Clintons. They are the worst of the worst. They are involved in everything bad.

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Worst of the worst? They are equals, the Bush CIA family of pedophiles, the Clintons, Trumps, all of them.

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We know something about the Clintons that would make everyone traumatized just from hearing the story.

It is personal. They know what they did. Trump knows what they did. So does the FBI. It involves torture and murder.

The Clintons have never been forgotten, nor has Donald Trump's close personal friendship with the Clintons. They all have Epstein in common, but the commonalities go far beyond that.

The Clintons are a mafia family through and through. Hillary's father ran the Chicago mafia after Capone, and they worked closely with the Dixie mafia and other outfits along the way.

If the choice is between Donald Trump and the Clintons, everyone should have known that was not a choice at all. In fact, they couldn't let Hillary win or the people might have made a stand against the corruption. Most dems don't mind the corruption as long as they get their share, but some conservatives have a bit more integrity and can't be bought off. They can however be lied to and tricked.

The political system is absolutely rigged and corrupt, and both the Green and Libertarian parties were also compromised. Trump is not an outsider, and Bernie is not trustworthy and made a deal to cover up his own family's crimes. Hillary may very well be propped up again only to lose by a wider margin to Trump in order to continue the divide and deception. Every other candidate was corrupt or compromised. The first fake show was between Trump and the Bushes. The second fake show was with the Clintons. The third fake show is with the media and corrupt global leaders as they all work together in the great cover-up.

Hillary needs to be running for a political office to make the claim of criminal allegations as political mud-slinging. Trump is compromised and they are using the investigations to cancel each other out and keep the game afoot. It is all a show.

Why did Epstein plead the fifth when asked about Bill Clinton and Donald Trump's activities on his plane with underage girls?

They have done much worse than rape children. This is all very real. Why do you think these posts get so many downvotes? Is anyone else here claiming to have a close personal experience with the Clintons involving torture and murder? Is anyone else here claiming to have witnessed Trump making a deal with the devil?

We are the Witness.

One Word is all it would take to Save the World.

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I got what u got,

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This deposition is by one of the lawyers that Epstein sued.

Kind of crazy lawsuit. This deposition is by a lawyer named Bradley Edwards. He and another guy Rothstein were sued by Epstein. Edwards was the lawyer for a lot of the civil suits against Epstein by his victims. Rothstein worked as the same law firm as Edwards, but is now serving 50 years on a Ponzi scheme rap. Epstein claimed Edwards was part of the Ponzi scheme, but two years later he dropped this lawsuit. Edwards is now pursuing a malicious prosecution lawsuit against Epstein. He has Bill Clinton, President Trump and Alan Dershowitz on his potential witness list.


Billionaire sex offender drops suit against Scott Rothstein and one of his partners

Updated Aug 17, 2012 By Jane Musgrave, Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

WEST PALM BEACH — Billionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein has dropped his lawsuit against convicted Fort Lauderdale Ponzi schemer Scott Rothstein and one of the disbarred lawyer’s former associates.

Since Rothstein is serving a 50-year sentence for bilking investors out of $1.2 billion, the focus of Epstein’s lawsuit has long been attorney Bradley Edwards. The Fort Lauderdale lawyer, who worked at Rothstein’s now-defunct firm, became Epstein’s nemesis when he filed civil suits on behalf of five women who claimed Epstein sexually exploited them at his Palm Beach mansion when some were as young as 14.

While Epstein ultimately settled the suits, along with roughly two dozen more filed by other women, he claimed Edwards trumped up the allegations to perpetuate Rothstein’s fraud.

As part of his scheme, Rothstein would falsely tell potential investors that he had reached large settlements in various lawsuits and they could share in the riches. In the 2009 lawsuit, Epstein said Rothstein falsely claimed he had gotten the billionaire financial manager to agree to settle the women’s lawsuits for as much as $200 million.

Despite three years of trying, Epstein never produced any evidence to shore up his allegations, said attorney Jack Scarola, who represents Edwards. Epstein dropped the claims against Edwards on Thursday, a day before Scarola was going to ask a judge to throw out the suit.

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The whole Rothstein case sounded like a shakedown to me...not a Ponzi scheme. The lawyers would settle embarrassing sex cases for a structured payout that was really blackmail. Then Melissa Lewis was murdered by a jealous girlfriend's divorced husband. Give me a break! American Greed and Dateline didn't even mention the suicided bodyguard. I don't trust true crime any more. In one account, I read Rothstein was in a witness protection prison. What is that?

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the pyramid scheme refers to the manner in which he obtained girls, each one of the victims required to recruit 2 or 3 more girls then each of those girls having to bring in so many girls, and so forth. His prison cell consisted of a private cell which he was permitted to.leave 16 hours per day for work related activities so I suspect he continued his sexual activities. i didnt catch the name of the facility..