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State Department Policy

Kudos to you for posting what the State Department can and cannot do for Americans arrested overseas. This is big key to understanding what went on and is the answer to @DeathToMasonsASAP 's question below

Then why was Huma Abeden sending Hillary email updates of her plight

Providing Consular Services to arrested Americans is one of the highest priorities of the State Department. The page you reference spells this out clearly.

Arrest or Detention of a U.S. Citizen Abroad

One of the highest priorities of the Department of State and U.S. embassies and consulates abroad is to provide assistance to U.S. citizens incarcerated abroad. The Department of State is committed to ensuring fair and humane treatment for U.S. citizens imprisoned overseas. We stand ready to assist incarcerated citizens and their families within the limits of our authority in accordance with international, domestic, and foreign law.

Why Hillary Clinton did not violate State Department Policy

The reason she didn't violate State Department policy is Bill Clinton was not used as a negotiator. (Also I would guess something like that would be a president's decision not just a Secretary of State's, but I don't know.)

The article includes support for its claim including this link: then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton took extraordinary measures, including the deployment of former president Bill Clinton as a negotiator

This takes us to a New Zealand newspaper.

This a reprint of an article I mention in my VOAT threads and in comments here. It's from the UK Times

A DIPLOMATIC deal over the 10 American missionaries jailed in Haiti on child abduction charges may lead to the release this week of all except the group's leader, Laura Silsby, according to legal sources in Port-au-Prince

The intervention of Bill Clinton, the former president, who is co-ordinating relief efforts in Haiti, may accelerate the resolution of an affair that has embarrassed the US government, dismayed relief agencies and angered many Haitians.

Here's the thing with the article. It's the only news outlet in the world that made this claim. And it never made the claim again. It dropped the claim a week later when talking about Bill Clinton. I think they simply reported a rumor that their source heard and that rumor turned out to be true. The rumor being based on few things.

Bill Clinton turned up in Haiti....(He was actually working with the UN. He had been the Special Envoy to Haiti since 2009 and after the earthquake the UN asked him "to assume a leadership role in coordinating international aid efforts."

Most of the Baptists were about to get out of jail.....but not Silsby. This is because the Haitian authorities felt that Silsby was clearly behind all these and the other Baptists pretty much followed along when she said she had things taken care of.

I'll quote all my reasons why I think this article just got it wrong.

The original news report is wrong and here's why I believe that.

It's based on a single report in the UK press

No other news reports have this. The UK press didn't claim this is a secret effort on behalf of Bill Clinton. An actual diplomatic intervention would have been reported by multiple sites if it actually happened. Haitian newspapers would have been all over this. The international press would be all over this.

The paper that reported it never followed up on it at all. So the original report had no confirmation and zero follow through. They even did a story on Bill Clinton like a week later.

The Clinton quotes they used were reported by other outlets 2 days before. Clinton openly spoke to reporters about what the US and Haitian governments should do. He never claimed anything first hand or that he was working on a deal and not a single other source claimed he was intervening in any way. In fact, in CNN's report on it, Bill Clinton doesn't even appear until 22 paragraphs in. >

There was no press conference about having a reached a deal. Again this was not reported to be a secret deal.

Bill Clinton left Haiti and all the Baptists were still in jail.

The Obama adminstration and the State Department were being criticized in the conservative press and by Baptist leaders FOR NOT INTERVENING.

Even with this the State Department went out of its way to say it was not intervening and Secretary Clinton would not be getting involved at all.

At the time, no other media even did a story following up on the The Times's report. This happens all the time when papers confirm another a paper's reporting. They do not do a followup story when their sources cannot confirm this. And reporters from around the world were on this story for months.

Nothing in the 7 plus years since the Haitian earthquake suggests this was true and the Clintons, of course came under intense scrutiny during this time. Haiti's AP reporter who worked this story stayed in Haiti for years writing a book and never said anything on this.

In short, there's nothing at all to suggest the Times got their story right. And there's a lot to suggest they got their story wrong, including the fact that they never even followed up on their story.

Evidence in Wikileaks emails doesn't add up to much

Wikileaks emails from the Clinton email server show that Hillary Clinton, her assistant Huma Abedin, and others were following the case

Yup. This is all part of consular services for Americans. It went to the level of the Secretary of this was an International World Wide News Event that affected how the world viewed America. None of this, zero, is because Hillary Clinton had a person interest in Laura Silsby. All of it is because these Baptists from Idaho were American citizens.

(They were) concerned that the freed American citizens would be shielded from the media upon their arrival at an American airport after their negotiated release

Yes, they definitely were concerned.

No, their release was not negotiated. These were release by order of a judge. That is mentioned in the same email you cite.

From AFP: Judge Bernard Saint-vil, who is handling the case, allowed them to leave the country without bail, according to their lawyer Aviol Fleurant. But Saint-vil wants to question two other missionaries -- group leader Laura Silsby and her confidante Charisa Coulter -- "because they were in Haiti before the earthquake," Fleurant added.

The email thread also make clear that rather that knowing about a negotiated release, Cheryl Mills doesn't even know who is still in jail with Silsby.

Who besides laura is being held back? ......What is purported role of this other individ such that he/she was not released?

To answer this question, they quote the AFP news report, I just quoted. This was not a negotiated release. This is the State Department still trying find out basic facts and having to go outside the Department to get them.

Who "CA" stands for is not clear. "HHS" presumably means the Department of Health and Human Services

CA is Consular Affairs

Consular Affairs (CA) is the public face of the Department of State for millions of people around the world.

I think you are right on HHS. They flew out of Haiti on C-130 cargo plane. They probably grabbed the first US flight they could and HHS was probably doing flights of medical supplies to Haiti. Note also, rather than special treatment, once they were back in the US, it was up to them to get back to Idaho.

Not sure why you cite Wikileaks Clinton emails 2772. This supports my point. That email is from months later when Laura Silsby faced trial in a Haitian courtroom. She was not freed by Bill Clinton.


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Excellent, thank you.


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