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Cool story.

However, there is no connection between Maccoby and Silsby. This part is false

is a Director of Friends of the Orphans, the charity Laura Silsby was given children from while in Haiti

We know exactly where Silsby got the children from. The AP went and spoke to all the parents

So the Alefanti-Maccoby-Silsby connection is also false. It's based on a claim by the liar, conman, fake laywer and at-the-time child trafficking fugitive Jorge Puello who we know was lying about all sorts of things during this time. But when you go and look at what actually happened there's no way what he is saying could be true. Again we know EXACTLY where the children came from and we know EXACTLY where the Maccoby orphanage was located. They aren't even in the same towns.

A reporter's visit Saturday to the rubble-strewn Citron slum, where 13 of the children lived, led to their parents, all of whom said they turned their youngsters over to the missionary group voluntarily in hopes of getting them to safety.

Similar explanations were given by parents in the mountain town of Callabas, outside Port-au-Prince, who told the AP on Feb. 3 that desperation and blind faith led them to hand over 20 children to the Baptist group.