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This is obvious dis information, all evidence points to direct state Department intervention at the highest level.

This is straight up false.

We couldn’t even get state Department intervention for the detention of Laura Ling in DPRK at the same time. And she was taken from the Chinese side of the border into NK.

Yeah our embassy in North Korea, really dropped the ball on this one. Didn't they. Wait, what's that we have no embassy in North Korea! That seems pretty big. And Lisa Ling, can you tell us why we have no embassy in North Korea?

Ms. LISA LING: The U.S. and North Korea have no diplomatic relationship. So they only communicate through a third-party country in Sweden, or through the six-party talks or from a humanitarian mission that they have in New York. But other than that, communication is next to zero.

So Lisa Ling even if we had no diplomatic relations with North Korea did you get any help from the State Department?

Ms. LISA LING: Well, from the get go, Vice President Gore and members from the State Department who had been advising us had strongly suggested that we keep things very, very quiet. And that was very understandable because we didn't know exactly what happened to Laura and Euna.

So we were also fearing that the North Koreans might do something drastic. I mean, this is a highly, highly unpredictable regime. The story that Laura and Euna were covering was a very, very sensitive one. So before knowing anything, we just thought we should maintain silence.

But I just started to reach out to as many contacts as I could, and one of the people who is most closely associated with U.S.-North Korea relations, is Governor of New Mexico Bill Richardson. He, of all American - of any American -has had the most successes in negotiating the releases of previous American detainees in North Korea. So he was a natural, sort of, connection to make.

And he was incredibly helpful from the start, and told me that he would start making contacts with the State Department and his contacts in North Korea. And a couple of days into our conversations, he was actually approached by President Obama and Secretary Clinton, and asked to actually help on our behalf.

There's no comparison between the two situations. And it doesn't matter whatsoever that the NK border guards chased her back over the river, she was being held in North Korea.

What actually happened

Not Hillary: State Department rebuffs call for Clinton intervention in Haiti case

February 9, 2010

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will not get directly involved in the case of the 10 Americans detained in Haiti on child abduction charges, a State Department spokesman said Tuesday.

"It would be highly unusual for the secretary of state to intervene in a case involving the judicial process of another country," spokesman P.J. Crowley said in an off-camera question-and-answer session. "We have had regular consular access and meetings with the 10 American citizens," Crowley said. "I believe we have facilitated getting medicine or other needs to our citizens. We are doing exactly what we would do with detained Americans anywhere in the world.

"As to intervening directly in the case, we are very respectful of the Haitian government and of Haitian law."

Not Bill

The State Department also has ruled out any special role for former President Bill Clinton in a possible release of the Americans.

"It is unnecessary for former President Bill Clinton to play the role of intermediary as he did in North Korea in the case of the journalists being held," Crowley told CNN on Monday. "The situation in North Korea and the situation in Haiti are dramatically different. In Haiti there is a functioning government with which we have diplomatic relations and established channels to monitor and deal with bilateral issues. North Korea is an opaque society with which we have no diplomatic relations."


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Fair points