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I think it's safe to say that both of the Clintons knew who Laura Silsby was. I also think it's safe to say that Silsby knew what she was doing was wrong.

There's a docu-series on Netflix called The Traffickers, where an investigative journalist tries to get to the root of certain international trafficking industries. One of those is child trafficking in international adoption. The Silsby case seems parallel to some of the things touched on in that particular episode. Many of the kids weren't actually orphans, and their parents had been told they would see their children again. Many parents in these situations are desperate for their children to have better opportunities. Someone comes by and says they can get their child to America (a paradise, to them) and get them a better education, etc. and these parents think they are doing their children a favor, and that they will see their child again in a few years. They're not being told they're giving up their rights to their child permanently.

I think Silsby was looking to make a quick buck by taking advantage of poor Haitians. Whether or not the Clintons were involved in this, I'm unsure of. I don't know that there's anything proving they were in cahoots with Silsby prior to her going to Haiti. I also don't know if Bill Clinton really interfered on Silsby's behalf, or if her lowered charges were decided upon by the Haitian government. I do believe that the Clintons wanted to make money off of the earthquake, but I don't know that their plans involved Silsby.


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I think it's safe to say that both of the Clintons knew who Laura Silsby was.

The pizzagate claim is that Clintons knew who Laura Silsby was BEFORE she was arrested and became one of the biggest news stories on the planet. They certainly saw her on the news after she caused an international incident. The pizzagate argument is Clinton only became involved because she was personally involved with Silsby. I have shown this is false.

Many of the kids weren't actually orphans,

All of the children were not orphans in Silsby's case.

I also don't know if Bill Clinton really interfered on Silsby's behalf, or if her lowered charges were decided upon by the Haitian government.

There's no real evidence Bill Clinton ever intervened. He went to Haiti as a representative of the UN. That claim was made by a single media source using a single anonymous source, the Time of London, I believe. The Times of London soon dropped the claim in subsequent reports.

I think the weight of the evidence is that the UK Times was wrong that they printed a rumor their source told them. They never made this claim again. No other media at the time or since has said anything. No Haitian media ever claimed this. In fact, the same quotes from Bill Clinton that the UK Times used appeared in other media outlets at that time that were saying he was not there to intervene. The State Department not only rejected the idea of special envoy they rejected calls from Americans including several prominent Baptist leaders to have Hillary Clinton speak directly with Haiti.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will not get directly involved in the case of the 10 Americans detained in Haiti on child abduction charges, a State Department spokesman said Tuesday.

"It would be highly unusual for the secretary of state to intervene in a case involving the judicial process of another country," spokesman P.J. Crowley said in an off-camera question-and-answer session.

At the time the Obama administration was being criticized by Baptist leaders and some conservative commentators for NOT intervening. Bill Clinton returned to the US Silsby sat in jail for several months awaiting her trial. Her trial did not take place until months later. The Haitian courts were the ones who decided her sentence. The President or Prime Minister of Haiti wanted a long sentence for her, but the investigating prosecutor, dropped it down. I suspect the kidnapping charge was dropped when they found out the parents gave their permission to Silsby to put their kids on the bus.

I do believe that the Clintons wanted to make money off of the earthquake

Any evidence for this claim?


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I agree with you on the idea that there is no real proof to show that the Clintons knew Silsby prior to her going to Haiti. The Wikileaks emails released as "proof" appeared to me to have taken place after the fact, not before. The State Department knows when US citizens are arrested abroad, so it's obvious Hillary to have been alerted to this as she was Secretary of State at the time.

You are correct, none of the children were orphans. I wasn't sure of the exact number when I first commented, but I knew that at least most of them did in fact have parents. It's sad to think of how many parents were taken advantage of when they were simply so desperate to give their children better lives.

I also agree that there is no evidence that Bill Clinton intervened on her behalf. The original source that I saw for this was a paper in a Harvard Human rights journal entitled "Owning Laura Silsby's Shame". The author of this paper came to the conclusion that Clinton had intervened, which was of course jumped on by people on Reddit/Voat, but I never was able to trace that claim back to a reliable source. I attempted to contact the author of the paper to clarify but never received a response. On the other hand, we don't know for a fact that Clinton DIDN'T interfere; he was in Haiti at the time, and he was vocal about not agreeing with the Haitian government holding the "missionaries" in jail. I think confirmation bias can play a part on either side of this scenario.


Any evidence for this claim?

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