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THIS. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/mum-gender-non-conforming-child-11762397.amp

Her FAMILY is OK with this Biz. They helped her set it up. I allege that she may have been abused herself. There is something seriously wrong with This and Her. That picture and the wording should tell us all we have to know. She should be investigated also for child abuse.

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Thanks for the link to the article, Carm.

Mum of 'gender non-conforming' child sells fake 'extra-small' penises for transgender kids aged under five

'The Teeny Tiny' silicone packers can be worn by kids under five - and are even available 'circumcised' and give the appearance of a male bulge

Under five?! How can a child under five be 'transgender'?!

When a girl refuses to wear dresses and skirts, and wants her hair to be cut short - fine. When a boy insists on having long hair - ok.

But promoting that girls need to have fake plastic genitals because they allegedly are 'transgender'?!

That's an idea that parents plant into the head of their children. Disturbing.

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Sick. Sick. Sick. Sick. and Sick. It makes one ready to vomit. And I do not say that lightly. What to do about these Freaks? I say freaks, but I always think about how these Freaks got to be that way. They did not just wake up this way after a lifetime of being normal. She is doing to her child exactly what was done to her. This reminds of Freudian Thinking and what else goes along with it. Yeah, go ahead, let your mind run wild with that thought.

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She says these “ devises “ are for children who were born female and choose to stand up to pee?! I’m so sick of this stuff ! They are so proud of what they have done to distort what is natural and morally clean . That woman freak looks like a real winner too. Why all the sudden do we have people raising transgender adopted children ? Is there a “ if your lgbt , we need you to adopt these kids and raise them as the opposite gender as to which they were born “ foundation out there or something ? They are coming out of the woodworks with transgender 5 year olds and this is so wrong !

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I think there are groups pushing this stuff, like NAMBLA and others. But the ones that are pushing their kids to do this have been abused and raped and raised to believe this is normal. They grew up in a family and extended family of abusers and believe it. I truly believe this. Then there are also the people that are doing this to push the agenda of the pedos for greed. They just don't care, namely politicians and others. Not to mention greedy pedo elites. The best way to get in front of this is to pass this along in blogs, twitter, and soc. media sites, especially catering to Moms. And to keep posting this stuff on here. This will horrify normal people. Which most of us are. They are a small group, and need to be taken down before they become even larger.

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If ever there was a solid case of CPS's taking away a child ...

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If I may; whether or not those disgusting things are dildos per se, it is blatantly obvious that they have the effect of sexualising children, and worse yet, may be used by an adult to violate a child or encourage a child to engage in sexual activity, something which a child is neither physically nor emotionally equipped to do, especially not a child who is already having problems with their gender identity. So please, let us not split hairs! Thank you again for your hard work/research and for exposing this filth, Honeybee.

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I just posted in another thread that certain words may make us uncomfortable but they arent exempt for that reason in fact that is all the more reason to call them out. If we find discomfort its because we have hearts minds and souls and not because we are haters or not with the times...I never want this to become the norm and will call it out until my dying day!

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Well said, @Podge512, it is totally unimportant what this stuff is called. This is clearly crossing a line and deeply troubling.

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child sized penis dildos/strap-onschild sized penis dildos/strap-ons

...err what?! :-/

Thanks for digging this up, @Honeybee_!

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This is wrong in so many ways. I have no problem with this being available for adults. This is highly suspect since she is OK with child sex toys. If she is OK with that and she has a tran child, I am wondering what she allows her child to do. I am getting nauseous. Vomit. That place should be shut down.

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I just vomited a little in my mouth....Why can't kids be allowed to just be kids anymore? If a boy is effeminate that's ok. I can except that I had a cousin who was. But if I'm not letting my daughter out of the house made up & dressed like a hoe, I sure as hell wouldn't let my son. My adult son may be telling us he is gay soon. He's afraid I won't accept him or love him anymore. But he is ALWAYS my boy. I am ALWAYS his Dad. I will never stop loving that kid. God forbid had anyone touched him as a kid & thank God they didn't....But if they had, I'd be typing this from behind bars....THEY NEED TO LEAVE OUR KIDS ALONE.

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I am convinced that most gays are that way because a little understood parasite. Easy way to tell is to have your son take a good anti parasitic treatment. Present it as a test if you have to. It does not have to be the harsh chemo types. There are plenty of all natural mixes. You need a powerfull one though, because the weak ones take too long as in 6 months or more.

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In a decent society, this woman would have been shut down and prosecuted.

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A little easier to see pics on my Steemit post

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Dare I ask...what is kitten porn? Do I even WANT TO KNOW?!

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Kitten = young girls/teens

Cougar = mature woman

Cub = young boys/twinks

Bear = mature man

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Ahhh I get it now sorry I dont have the porn lingo down how very unhip of me...Thanks HB!!!

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this is soo sad..... T_T

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