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Ball and Ba'al are similar for a reason. Baseball is a Masonic sport. The players run from diamond to diamond, and diamonds are an important symbol in Judeo-Masonry. Most sports are Judeo-Masonic in origin if look into the symbolism. "Golf rumors" is something that one has to search with caution.

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hi @fogdryer,

thanks for sharing but i'm not seeing anything that connects this pedo to the 'elite.' (Rule 1)

if you are able to find a connection, please edit your post to include the link and reply to this message, otherwise this post will have to be removed in 24 hours. if you aren't able to find any connections, i would suggest posting this to v/pizzagatewhatever.


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Ben, I will remove the flair, since we've included highschool teachers and club coaches into our PG research.

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hope he goes down this time

almost got caught in 2009 and just kept going SMH

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DISGUSTING!! I mean if there is ANY POSSIBLE CHANCE what so ever then I think they should weigh in the caution of the child and fire the person suspected of such vile acts..Imagine the kids that would have never been abused had they weighed in the caution of the child. I mean anyone that cares about kids should understand this and take it as a pre requisite of working around them. I dont know too many people that have multiple accusations that arent true made about them just saying..

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wonder about lack of proof?

is that like double talk for we dont prosecute these things?

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They believe the incidents did not happen at the school. Did he do these things at some cabin or summer home and make videos? Why did they not go further with that investigation last time. Is LE involved. Oh how sweet. The school honors every individual in the image and likeness of God.........Really?

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