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AMEN! POSturing as “do gooders,” these assholes are outed as total frauds. BUT powerful, globalist agenda-driven progressives and their allies in big MEDIA will continue to sell this bullshit - and it will sell - as long as enough small-minded, zombie voters will buy it. As long as those people are willing to close their eyes and shove their fingers in their ears every time they hear these truths you tell, for fear of losing their government handouts, losing friends/social status, losing business...

ALL walks of life are infected with the deadly disease of progressivism, and those people care NOTHING about the reality of the HORRORS that are happening every day to these kids-for-sale. We may be at the last crossroads with this president. There has never been such a seemingly thick-skinned fighter like him. If he’s fake too, we’ve already lost and God help all those victimized kids, and the victimized kids in all years to come.

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Those Fakes that are parading themselves as progressives, are far from it. I and my friends consider ourselves Progressives. We DO NOT espouse to ANY of what they are preaching and doing. Some may be sheep, but if they knew the truth, they would want to boil them in oil. I think both sides have been screwed over by their "political leaders". They are guilty of stealing billions of our hard earned money and worse yet, Our Children. Democrats/Progressives are running down to the holding centers and crying for those children while their Rep. counterparts are sitting back in DC railing about how much they love the children but they are turn coats too We have been had for decades and I have to say, I am so glad to be alive. Yes, those poor little children will be the ones to suffer the consequences if things don't turn out right. We have to remember that we have been fooled many times over, I included. I am holding my opinion of Trump and hope what he is doing is for the common good, but I also say, God help him, if he is not.

I was worried about them using their DNA, worrying about their privacy, but now I see there was a good reason. But I think it will all go over the heads of those Sheep (some friends included) and those that just hate Mexicans, including their children. As I said I am glad to be on voat and among those that are Awake. Yourself included.

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LMAO did u forget any buzzword euphemisms there Alex Jones?

Jewish have always throughout history controlled human trafficking , from Atlantic slave trade to prostitution. They admit it, so why can't you. Because youre stupid.

Trumps first pardon was the head of the biggest US kosher slaughterhouse who had illegal children working in his plant/meth lab/sex slave camp. Our hero LMAO

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Joe was attacked for trying to find out who was in his county, and actually enforcing the laws. You are just making stuff up in a very non believable way.

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https://archive.fo/T007k :

HHS: 5 adults claiming to be parents of detained children ruled out by DNA tests | TheHill

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An HHS official said those individuals could have been human traffickers and said the results show its screening process is working. The Trump administration is using DNA testing to reunite migrant families previously separated in order to prosecute adults illegally crossing the border.

Will there be an investigation into those people suspected of being Human Traffickers? Especially involving Children? Something should be done to look into them and Lock Them Up if guilty. We don't need them stealing anymore Children.

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Traffickers. Soros' Demons.

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Article detailing how some are wanted criminals with kids not their own, some planned to be housed with child abusers.