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George has been plagued by rumors of being gay for years, if not decades. He is my generation's equivalent of Cary Grant (who was homosexual and tried to cover it up with several marriages and a child but found peace with a woman in his senior years). One of George's last girlfriends before his marriage said their affair was more a father/daughter relationship. He has always refused to deny rumors of homosexuality responding that it would be an insult to gays to respond because the question implicitly gives a negative connotation to homosexuality.

He has been an ardent supporter of gay rights for years which dovetails neatly with Amal Clooney's work in human rights law. Meanwhile his wife appears to have no prior boyfriends, with friends claiming she was always waiting for the perfect man. She is very androgenous physically speaking and it is her extraordinary gorgeous grooming that conveys a sense of womanhood. I suspect that their bond is very cerebral, grounded in being the best of friends and their sexual relations may be a result of mutual and sincere acceptance of genderbending proclivities much like the Obamas. So I wouldn't be surprised by George's dalliance on occasion with a very young gay male which may recreate his own teenage imprinting on gay sex.

Italy's age of consent is 14 without restrictions on the age of the partner. Ephebophelia.is the strong sexual attraction to persons in their teen years. Thus the law allows a Clooney/teen relationship. A residence on Lake Como, Italy which caters to highbrow summer residents and tourism is a perfect setting. That said, I am sure that Clooney , like Carey Grant, is a perfect gentleman in any relationship, as that is his nature.

What I question is his risky behavior now that he is a Dad by speeding around on a motorcycle. His fatherhood in his senior years already means his children will have limited time with him. But any dalliance with a young male would give him a sense of youthful joy, however fleeting, and hence risktaking.

Now this analysis springs forth from my undergraduate degree in psychology but since I'm unlicensed, its all hogwash.

P.S. Thanks to @Bumpmeanscoke for the worldwide age of consent laws.

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Very good chance that Amal is in fact a male, a tranny. Even her(?) name is gender neutral. Not idea whether it is in fact a tranny or not, but I wouldn't be surprised. Anything is possible for these freaks today. Would definitely make sense if Clooney is a sodomite. Also, don't know whether you are being sarcastic with the comment about Clooney's manners, but I don't think you're going to find many gentlemen in Hellywood.

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A-male is absolutely a tranny..

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@hagen19, good point, maybe I should have used the term smooth operator, but I dont recall any vulgar behavior making its way into the press. He does get smug at times.

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I suspect their bond is very cerebral

Amal is considered a very junior lawyer in her chambers. Clooney isn't exactly a rocket scientist.

Their marriage (according to London grapevine) was arranged between his agent and Amal's mother who has a large PR firm in Lebanon. This is a political arrangement.

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I agree. She only became renowned as a lawyer after her relationship with a movie star developed.

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@letsdothis2: by cerebral I didnt mean to imply a superb intellect but a relationship where sex takes a backseat to friendship/companionship. Both of them were very comfortable living alone before meeting and there is not the volatility that sometimes comes with highly charged sexual.relations. Think of Madonna and her string of lovers and fireworks. All Im trying to say is that George Clooneys marriage doesnt fool me and ephebophilia is just another form of pedophelia, albeit less shocking.

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I find it VERY hard to believe that he hit the back of a stopped vehicle at 40-50 mph, flew 10' in the air, and landed and is now home "recuperating". Most people die from accidents like that. The lucky ones get out of the hospital after a month or so.

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Thank You. The comments are Jaw Dropping.

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have to agree with comments, wonder what the consent age is in Italy

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I would gather anywhere from 14 to 16. It just thrills them and makes them giddy when they can go under the consent age and get away with it. Clooney is a piece of garbage and so is Rande Gerber, who is his BF. The Bl. also claims they roam free in Italy totally accepted, Who Knew.

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This link should have its own thread but I can't be bothered jumping through all the hoops and then getting my post deleted but everyone should read this https://rednationrising.wordpress.com/2017/08/13/clooney-collusion/

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And how is it that there was perfect footage of his crash as if someone knew it was about to happen? The MSM claimed he was directly on his way to the movie set where he was working but if he’s got a teenage boy with him....

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They sent the plumbers in. That is an Italian mafia saying for hit man.