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Peaches Honeyblossom Geldof-Cohen

what an informative name

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Her father is Bob Geldof. I wouldn't be surprised if he killed her or had her killed. Can't have one of his own children going against his teachings and straying from Satan.

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Geldof is also connected to the death of INXS lead singer, Michael Hutchence

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They shared Paula Yates.

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Exactly! The man's pure evil.

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Thank you for this thread. A reminder, that some, in that society, are not completely empty, by our standards, and pay with their life for it. Gledof's daughter must have had character. To be brought up in that world and still make a statement, imagine the woman she could be, not being brought up in that world. Even by our standard, they are not all scum.

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Bob literally said “i blame myself for peaches death”

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He ain't lyin

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Instructions on how to find a deleted Tweet: https://www.quora.com/How-can-I-find-a-tweet-that-someone-has-deleted

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The day after she was found dead her husband was photographed smiling/laughing with a female friend. If she was killed I'll bet he was involved in setting her up.

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Yes I remember Thomas Cohen with a female 'friend' on his way to her grave grinning like a Cheshire cat. Something way off with Peaches, Geldof, the Husband and her membership of the OTO (which she had tattooed).

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https://hooktube.com/watch?v=0ohGV2DJlxI :

Peaches Geldof Murdered for Exposing Pizzagate!! - YouTube

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Nepiophelia is the strong sexual.attraction to infants and toddlers, age 3 being the cut off. Ian Watkins, a rock star from Wales was finally charged and convicted for his sexual abuse of infants along with the young mothers who gave him access to their toddlers. Reports had circulated for years of his sex crimes but police failed to.investigate claiming his rock star status subjected him to all kinds of wild and wacky accusations that they would have trouble proving or sorting out fact from fiction.

Of note is a picture of him holding a naked lifelike babydoll on stage. Shades of Alefantis and friends, wouldn't you agree?.

But I still dont know Peaches relationship to Ian Waters, or was she connected to the mothers that loaned their babies to Watkins?

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