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Amen. It was hoped that Obama could get in an appointment to the Supreme Court before his reign was over..

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I don't believe Obama was ever serious about an appointment. It would have opened the door for more speculation into the death of Scalia. The plan was to wait for Hillary and storm clouds to pass. After all, they thought she was a shoo-in.

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Podesta paid for the hit on Scalia it was disguised as a movie producer (the hitman) telling John how much "the movie" would cost to be produced in the precise location in southwest Texas where the ranch was located that Scalia went to. Podesta approved the hit when he wrote "I didn't think wetworks meant a pool party at Martha's Vineyard" that is evidence that convicts Podesta he should have been arrested long ago for this as soon as Trump was sworn in Podesta should have been arrested the very next day.

Scalia was a very bad guy so don't mourn for him he ruled in favor of keeping innocent people in prison "because they were convicted in court and even with DNA evidence proving they are innocent they should stay in prison" that is what Scalia wrote in a Supreme Court opinion I hope he is burning in Hell right now for that. He was also into raping boys he went to that ranch in the middle of nowhere for the sole purpose of raping boys and the best guess on who killed him was a teenage boy who went to his room and killed him maybe with poison that is how they did it. Arrest Podesta and the hitman who sent the boy in to kill Scalia it's a very easy case to prove in court.

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Off topic, but i am new here and can not make a submission:

Photo that prooves that Quentin Tarantino is involved into pizzagate and is in fact a pedophile.




found here:


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"because they were convicted in court and even with DNA evidence proving they are innocent they should stay in prison"

Link to the opinion/dissent in which he stated that. You're a lying cianigger shill until you do.

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If Podesta was really involved in this, the people surrounding Clintons are stupid and reckless. Scalia was old and in bad health, he wouldn't have lived much longer anyway. It gives me hope that these corrupt losers are so stupid.

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And lets not forget the password of JP. Also the fact that Obama knew HC was operating on a private server. They thought no one would never be able to hack into it, or that it was all captured. So ridiculous. The only thing that has saved them is a corrupt FBI, and LE.

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The fact that he was old and in bad health and especially that his family didn't request an autopsy makes me wonder if he just had a heart attack. Clinton's people were reckless and stupid, so it wouldn't surprise me if Podesta handled it himself. They operated outside the law for so long they never thought they would be caught. If the Clinton body count is correct one more is nothing.

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The word I read somewhere is Podesta got his start as an assassin. Not sure where I read it, but it seemed pretty plausible.

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https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=MkVKgmrYv4o&feature=youtu.be&a :

WikiLeaks: Podesta Threatened To ‘Make Example’ Of Seth Rich - YouTube

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It's just too bad none of them live long enough to become examples. The poor man can't catch a break