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Perhaps someone should look into the ties between Turkish organized crime and the CIA. Journalist and author Paul L. Williams has written and spoken about this.

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Among the accusations is forming a gang with criminal intent, sexual assault, kidnapping, blackmail, money laundering and sexual abuse of minors

Look, @new4now, here we go again - a sex cult involved in sexual abuse of children and money laundering - and blackmail. This time: Islamic version.

Oktar first came to media attention in the 1990s when he was the leader of a sect caught up in multiple sex scandals. As a result, he had faced similar criminal charges of setting up a criminal organisation.

Istanbul police said warrants were issued against Oktar and 234 of his followers and that financial crime units were carrying out operations in Istanbul and four other cities to detain them.

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been looking up Bronfams

Sam, The patriarch, first marriage was to Ann Loeb

Ann Margaret Loeb was born Sept. 19, 1932, in New York City. Her father, John Langeloth Loeb Sr., was a Wall Street investment banker whose company was a predecessor of Shearson Lehman/American Express.

Her mother, the former Frances Lehman, was a scion of the Lehman Brothers banking firm. Her parents were major benefactors of Harvard University and other colleges.

Can you hear Rothschild in that mix?

Both of Sams daughters married low, but still Rothschild family, cousins of some sort

we know Sam was running liquor in US, he was also running drugs from Orient via England

what really weird, and I still looking it up, Is Sara and Clare's Mother

after divorcing their father , she hooked up with a film maker that was arrested in 1990 for trying to kill her

now the girls I believe grew up in boarding schools in England, while Mom out doing her own thing

in 2007 she marries Birtish actor Nigel Havers, supposedly wingman for Mick Jagger

now Havers family has been in news... his father accused of cover up


I keep thinking old network now ran by the kids

nice find.... all these traffickers hiding behind something

was NXIVM set up just for this purpose under guise of self help cult?

remember Keiths Dad was an Ad exec that worked with Bronfam Seagram account

for some reason, I don't think he the brains of the group lol

daughter of Edgar Sr is wealthy in India, name change after marrying, have feeling it a big name there

also found a son I missed of Sr, Adam, Bronfman also has residences in Phoenix and Park City, Utah,

going to go back to London, NXIVM had a garden there where the LLC was much different then all the others, there were names, never followed up on it

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I found this on the right of the daily mail. Distraction? Corey Sligh indicted on federal child molestation charges ... The Young and the Restless soap star Corey Sligh, 29, is indicted by federal grand jury on two charges of child molestation after 'making an eight-year-old girl touch his penis with her hand' Search domain www.dailymail.co.ukdailymail.co.uk/news/article-4605160/Corey-Sligh-indicted...

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Google : Baroness Butler-Sloss pedophilia

Sister of havers

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I know at least a few folks here have been following the blog CDAN - there was recently a reveal involving Sara Bronfman and NXIVM: http://www.crazydaysandnights.net/2018/07/blind-items-revealed-4_9.html

also, a separate thread about that particular reveal was posted a couple days ago: https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/2625515

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now Havers family has been in news... his father accused of cover up

So the step-grandfather of the Bronfman sisters was involved in a pedophile cover-up? Interesting...

birds of a feather...

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Looks like Oktar is giving Keith a run for his money.....

'Adnan Oktar’s anti-Semitic 'cult of orgies' embraced by Israeli figures' - Haaretz https://ahvalnews.com/adnan-oktar/adnan-oktars-anti-semitic-cult-orgies-embraced-israeli-figures-haaretz

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But there are rumors of an even deeper connection between Oktar and Erdogan. In 1994, the Islamist Welfare party, the precursor to today’s ruling Justice and Development party (AKP), scored several significant victories in the local elections, including in Istanbul and the capital of Ankara. The conservative Erdogan started his political career when he became the mayor of Istanbul 20 years ago. Fatih Altayli, a prominent Turkish journalist and editor, noted that the Islamist party was unprepared for power, lacking both the experts and sufficiently Islamic business connections to govern effectively. It was at this time that Altayli has alleged that Erdogan and his party established a lucrative and mutually beneficial relationship with Oktar and members of his sect.

“In 1995 and ’96, companies from Oktar’s sphere of influence made big business deals with municipalities under the control of the Welfare party, especially in Istanbul and Ankara,” Altayli wrote. “During a raid at a meeting of [Oktar’s] group, for instance, the police arrested Oguzhan Asilturk, an acting minister in the Welfare government, and one of the leading ideologues of political Islam in Turkey. It was really during these years, that [Oktar’s adherents] gained a lot of economic clout. Followers even established companies in Dubai.” Others say that members of the group established businesses in Central Asia with the help of leading Turkish investors and the money they’d stolen from their rich parents. Of course, any profits were funneled into the Harun Yahya enterprise.

And in October, when Prime Minister Erdogan visited Prizren to lend his support to his Kosovo counterpart Hashim Thaci in advance of the recent local elections, members of the sect approached the premier with a copy of the Atlas of Creation. Erdogan was photographed with the enormous book shortly after making his infamous “Kosovo is Turkey, Turkey is Kosovo” speech. Then, followers swarmed Thaci and Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama. Thaci was lucky enough to have snagged a seat tucked safely away in a corner, but Rama was left exposed to Oktar’s evangelists, who gave him several Harun Yahya publications. Rama looks to have handled the entire encounter like a gentleman, and Oktar proudly played the video footage from Prizren on his talk show two nights in a row:

KOSOVO & Hashim Thaci Turkey (Erdogan) and Israel are running a Organ Harvesting Business KOSOVO is Involved as well

https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/2628379 https://www.theguardian.com/world/2010/dec/14/kosovo-prime-minister-llike-mafia-boss

Possibly there is a link here. Yes NXIVM could be part of it, but Oktar seemed to support Erdogan and now he is arrested. Something Erdogan did not like. Oktar maybe was wanting a piece of the action, and possibly his sex trafficked girls were being harvested by Erdogan and Israel. This is a stinky nasty business. Erdogan is dirty and so is Thaci and now Oktar are fighting for control.


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I rarely post, but I still check here often to keep up on this boards research. Hopefully you all can dig a little deeper on this one. I appreciate the work and dedication. With Light and Love <3

Thanks for posting @TheMystic. :-)

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@TheMystic: Thanks for posting. :-)

Please consider adding 'http://' at the beginning of your link, this way it will be clickable. Thanks!

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Edited and fixed. :-) Thanks!

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Welcome and thank you!

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I saw one of this guy's (Oktar)videos on YouTube years ago. He acts like a news commentator, talks about the political climate in the ME. And he's surrounded by several blonde women with gigantic lips and eyes like zombies. Its very weird.

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Jesus, can you imagine what he must have had to spend on this for his harem?