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The reward is to find leaks. Like George Webb did for Pizzagate. All he did was expose all the witnesses and evidence trails to becoming a Seth Rich or worse. The late night no-knock swatting on trumped up charges. The evil part is helping the FBI to find and destroy evidence, which is why the Pedophile blackmailers are in power.

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only weak links fall for 11k "earnest" money...I think I agree. if you're really scared that's nothing and you probably won't talk anyways- but if you're a dumb dumb right this way and you probably won't even catch on when nothing happens to your leads.

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This is good news because it shows pedophelia awareness is growing little by little. Hopefully like drunk driving or spouse abuse there will be a cultural shift that this is not tolerable. Pedophelia has far too long been a taboo that we couldn't even conceive of it actually occurring and so we pretended it didn't. Now we just need to beat the "normalizers" to the finish line.

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I've noticed the shittiest people have the largest turnouts for their funerals. Then people take turns telling everyone what a great person they were.

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Look into John Candy's funeral...you know, 'Uncle Buck'?...

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If you're implying what I think you're implying, this is very sad news.

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LOL - true.

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@exposethecriminals @carmencita: New Zealand may have troubles similar to Haiti's insofar as the Clintons are concerned. America's USGS takes the position that fracking causes earthquakes but usually moderate in scope. New Zealand has suffered aggresive fracking for over two.decades which.might have contributed to the 6+ earthquake which struck Christchurch in 2011. Hillary was an ardent promoter of worldwide fracking while Sec. of State. And what entity came to.the rescue of New Zealanders? Why the Clinton Foundation (amongst others), of course. The new round of guaranteed payments of NZ's taxpayer funds to the CF are curious . I have no desire to do research of such shenanigans but hopefully our counterparts in NZ will. How is it that the Clintons always leave a smelly mess wherever they go. Dear God, banish them to a nursing home ASAP.

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The new round of guaranteed payments of NZ's taxpayer funds to the CF are curious .

Agree. This needs to be looked into.

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Not only do they leave a smelly mess, the come out smelling like a rose. With a Huge Bundle of Money To Boot!

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Thanks! :-)

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You are welcome, as always.

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Don't know if the Maori Tribal plays into any of the pedo ring, but when HILLARY went there she got one of their Full Fledged Welcomes This was her first trip in 2010


And OBAMA did too (Video Included)


There are girls in the Tribal Group as well. Awaui was part of the Maori Party.

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This is an island issue. It only came on our radar because of what we do. I hope this helps those who do not live there, understand a bit. Even the baddest guys on the planet, regardless of tone of skin, do not cherish meeting these guys in a fight, and there is a group of people, who you all are becoming familiar with, who wish they never existed. http://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/features/2016/05/maori-zealand-prisons-160525094450239.html