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Gosh, I've never agreed with flag burning, but there are exceptions to every rule! https://twitter.com/COMMUNIST_FISH/status/1012191868396941313/photo/1

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Those comments are amazing! Out them on Soc. Media. It needs to be spread all over the place. They think they can get away with this but so far they are being slammed and it needs to continue, Big Time.

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I can hardly believe MAPs were commenting in that thread. So bold and proud of themselves. vomit

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In short, if we see a pastel colored "primary color rainbow flag", we burn it to ashes on sight. Loud and clear.

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And my stomach turns even more... never accept!

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Seeing decent amount of outrage / warnings from lesbians and gay people that DON’T want anything to do with pedo flag. Maybe an opportunity to red pill on pizzagate...? Gross, but easier to believe when you see it actually attacking your communty. Hard to explain something hidden by powerful bad actors, arrogant obfuscation, catch me if you can performance projection -smoke & mirror wolf in sheep’s etc... Pedo flag is a direct attack and infiltration...

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Yes. Most people for. LGBTQ rights are not pro pedophilia

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We need to arm the victims and let them loose...first we will help them regain memories. They deserve payback.

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@Podge512: I am going to sticky the post for a couple of days, so that it will get some more views.

Please also read @letsdothis2's follow-up post:

Pedo normalisation, Gamergate and the Omidyar Network

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Just did.

https://archive.is/MjTXX Got a tip from people digging into gamer gate. Some possible new targets.

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Non Offending Minor Attracted Persons

Thank you so much for posting, this, @Podge512! That's their new strategy - pretending to be the small group of pedos who don't attack children (but who watch documents of rape and torture aka 'child porn' nevertheless).

If this should continue, we'll see that magically almost all violent pedos will turn into totally innocent people /s.

Makes you want to vomit. :-/

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And buy lifelike dolls they can practice on. /hurl

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I say sure go ahead buy your doll so long as your name goes on the internet as the latest recipient of said abusive dolls. Oh wait am I a hater? Should I be rewarding the fact that they use these dolls or should I remember ART IMITATES LIFE and remember a line from AA being PROGRESSIVE DISEASE and know that those two very real conclusions arent going to be excluded from this scenario because it makes people uncomfortable to admit.

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OMG imagine being the "honesty in relationships" recipient like the girlfriend in the article that said "I came out as a minor attracted person to my girlfriend" ummm thanks now go kill yourself?! I mean no wonder you always liked my naughty schoolgirls outfit...grooody!! Its like you are a hater if you dont reward someone for not committing a crime now is it? I will say it again find the nearest volcano and jump in we will make a you tube video and give your life meaning I mean imagine the clicks man!?

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