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Black died at age 48. He was admitted to the hospital on Nov. 11, 2016 (two days after Hillary's loss to Trump) and died on Nov. 30. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/maori/news/article.cfm?c_id=252&objectid=11760202

"His cause of death was officially listed as "organ failure", which she [his wife] said was caused by alcohol abuse.

"He killed himself. It was suicide by alcohol. He did that deliberately. He couldn't live with everything that was going to be exposed. It was just a matter of time." https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=12085350

Did he really decide to kill himself as the wife asserts, or was that decision made for him? The timing is very interesting.

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She claims it was a life of alcohol, but if his organs failed, if he is so close and in with HRC and BO then I would imagine he had the pull to have harvested organs. Something smells rotten besides her husband. @exposethecriminals

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Great point. Also, the wife is probably clueless about the bigger picture (international) if there is one. See my comment to exposethecriminals regarding the visit by K&Q of Netherlands.

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if he is so close and in with HRC and BO

Why do you think this is the case? There's no evidence presented of this at all.

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I speculate he was murdered but due to his young age they drew it out for 19 days to make it look authentic.

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They knew his vice was alcohol, so how hard would it be to slowly poison him by poisoning his alcohol?

What was his connections to film making in new Zealand? They filmed the lord of the rings movies there, as well as other movies. Was it really because of the way the island looks, or was there something else going on as well? This is connected to Hollywood thanks to the movie industry.

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Very plausible.

The King and Queen of the Netherlands were visiting New Zealand just before the election: http://royalcentral.co.uk/europe/schedule-for-king-willem-alexander-and-queen-maximas-visit-to-australia-and-new-zealand-70072 Archive: https://archive.fo/ih5UZ

They spent Halloween in Australia and the time leading up to the U.S. election in NZ, perhaps to deliver instructions should Hillary lose. Their last day in NZ was Nov. 9. Bear in mind that Washington DC time is 16 hours behind Auckland.

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My jaw hit the floor when I read your comment. Huge. Astounding find @Factfinder2

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Here is Anihera Zhou Black's full 12-minute video:


I found it shared by the artist Mr G


Edit to add:

6:30: "Those good deeds that Awa did for individuals will live on in their memory of their lifetimes. However the pain and suffering he caused others may live on for generations to come if things are left unsaid."

8:20: Her husband told her as a child he was sexually assaulted by his father, Milton Leslie Black.

11:50: "The silence is a violence to the soul."

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"The silence is a violence to the soul."

That's actually a great sentence.


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It is indeed. I hope she inspires more people to come forward so we can amplify their voices.

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thanks for the link. i never would have found it otherwise. much obliged

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1) This has been going on for a long time. I can't find the story on the internet, but in February 1963, QEII and Philip visited the Bay of Islands NZ with the royal yacht Britannia and stayed on private Roberton Island (now usually referred to by the Maori name). Certainly a private location for whatever ... The same time period in which the young royal couple abducted children from the Indian school in BC, Canada.

2) Bay of Plenty has plenty of pedo history, as do the NZ gangs and police. One woman I know was abducted, drugged, and gang raped age 15 by Hells Angels in Auckland circa 1980 - the police would not do anything. The woman's mother had also been raped and impregnated at age 15 in 1955 in the Bay of Plenty by a NZ policeman. Again, the authorities did nothing. She gave birth to the baby who was adopted out.

3) @ Carmencita: Jacinda is not a tranny, just stop that nonsense already! (Michelle Obama - yes) You can't hide that sort of thing in a country which socially is little more than a gossip filled small town. But seriously, this has gotten out of hand. The world is full of unattractive women, but stop looking for trannies around every corner, it makes us look like idiots. Jacinda is remarkable in another way though, she is extraordinarily stupid for a successful person. IQ definitely below average. Not a person one would expect to be successful in any fashion. She can barely speak coherently. I do not know her personally, but MK Ultra/Pedogate puppet is my hunch.

4) Former PM (((John Key))) - as creepy as John Podesta. A pony tail puller in public, according to the NZ Herald, he would celebrate election nights with pizza (the baked flatbread, yeah right). Daughter Stephanie trying to be the next Marina Abramović in London: http://themillenniumreport.com/2016/12/is-this-really-why-new-zealands-prime-minister-john-key-just-resigned/

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Wow thank you for this great information. I'm kind of in shock by it all, and I haven't even read the linked article yet.

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‘I believe Ani Black’: Sexual abuse and the silence that poisons communities

Sometimes it’s hard to communicate a direct truth in a direct way. We merely suggest or indicate or postulate because we want to be careful not to be the person who is responsible for the kōrero. To risk your own mana and the mana of your whānau and your community by speaking plainly and directly takes courage, mana and certainty.

Anihera Zhou Black directly and plainly outing her husband of 26 years, Tauranga Moana leader Awanui Black, as a paedophile, was a shattering experience.

Time and again, we Māori men seem daunted by the horror before us and sit mute. We really do need to start talking to each other, to our wāhine and to our whānau. We need to show leadership in overcoming this scourge in our communities. We need to be brave enough to admit that Awanui’s strengths do not discount what has been said by his wife.

Our leaders and our men need to have the courage to say: I hear you. I am shocked, saddened, and horrified that this occurred. If you were a victim, you can come to us and you will be believed, we will help you find support and we will help you tell your story if that is what you want.

Let’s break the silence and let victims know that we are with them. Let’s break the silence and have a hard and courageous conversation about sexual abuse in our communities. To paraphrase Ani, let’s break the silence with a cry or a scream; it is this silence that is a violence to our soul.

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That's a really great text.

I think some people might be hesitant to speak up since they fear that the Maori community might get discredited when one of their leaders turns out to be a perp. At least this has been my impression from cases in native communitites in the US and in Canada.

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Something was drawing HRC and BO there besides golf and hobnobbing with the rest of the so called elites. Must have had some hot parties.

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There's long been talk here that the "elite" are buying up big in terms of land to build underground bunkers. Wouldn't surprise me if they ended up getting asylum from our fucktard PM who worships the ground Hillary walks on.

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This pic of Ardern sure looks like she is a tranny. I know there are pics of her being pregnant, but she looks mannish to me. Or she is a lesbian. Hillary really looks bad in that pic too. I am sure Hillary just loves that Jacinda is promoting pregnancy without marriage since she is in office with a partner. The Irish PM and his gay marriage in office is another one of their disgusting examples of more normalization and crumbling of what should be good examples to children. Beyond disgusting. Promiscuity Abounds. Not against single moms, who made a mistake, it's just that we should expect more from our law makers. Yes, for some reason she is cozying up to Jacinda and Obama has been there too. I think they should all be in an asylum. Yes, I have heard too that there is something sneaky going on and bunkers just could be it. Kerry visiting there is another tip off.

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Edit 2:

@Vindicator asked me to add some context for who Awanui Black was, his political background and power, etc. It caused the post to exceed the character limit so it is here. I am unfamiliar with New Zealand but with the help of researchers @think- , @risewithoutfear , and @Kiwi_Slave , here is context:


Awanui Black was an esteemed leader of the Maori people:

In the 2013 census, there were approximately 600,000 people in New Zealand identifying as Māori, making up roughly 15 per cent of the national population….In addition, more than 140,000 Māori live in Australia.

He was from the Tauranga area on New Zealand’s North Island.

Awanui Black: educator, orator, man of the people with English subtitles

Description box: Awanui Black was clearly an important and popular leader within Tauranga Moana , but he also created a legacy nationally. Te Okiwa McLean looks back on a life that spanned Māori language advocacy, kapa haka [Maori performing arts,] education and even politics.

AB was a “prominent, highly-regarded politician….regional councilor”, and “a respected community leader in the Bay of Plenty with an eye on Parliament” as representative of the Maori Party.

He was chairman of the Tauranga Moana Iwi [tribal entity] Leaders' Group :

Tauranga Moana - Wikipedia

Tauranga Moana are a grouping of Māori iwi (tribe) based in and around the Tauranga Harbour and Bay of Plenty.

By the way, TM history by Awanui Black in The Encyclopedia of NZ on the government’s website

Iwi territories map of TM

Maori Party tribute to AB with list of accomplishments (note: te reo Māori = the Maori language.)


Anihera Black stated AB was a ringleader of “one of the many child-adult sex rings here in his beloved Tauranga Moana,” using contacts from all aspects of his life to traffic children across NZ. @Kiwi_Slave echoed that the Bay of Plenty area has a reported history of child sexual assaults including by the Hell’s Angels and police: https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/2627154/13264443

@risewithoutfear commented that AB may have been financed by the Maori Party or even his own iwi. According to this site AB was affiliated with four iwi: Ngāti Pūkenga, Ngāi Te Rangi, Ngāti Ranginui, and Ngāti Raukawa ki Otaki.

Ngāi Te Rangi is the iwi that put up the recent reward for information about an area pedophile ring.

Please also see @think- ‘s thread:

11,000 NZD Reward Offered For Evidence About The Pedophile Ring That NZ Regional Politician Awanui Black Was Allegedly Involved In

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Great addition, EtC. :-)

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Thank you, @exposethecriminals!

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Also, I'm told by a friend who's read the files, that Black's pedophile ring connects dots in the Justin Davis files, if anyone wants to have a read of them:


I think it would be a great idea to get someone with a "international connection" viewing perspective to go over them.

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I've looked into the Justin Davis info - not sure what to think about it, tbh. Somehow I think it's highly unlikely that someone has info that suddenly solves 'all' old murder cases.

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Thank you so much for that link. Very informative. Justin Davis is a brave man. Hopefully Voaters can take his information far.

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Great find. Clinton connections. Two Obama-era Officials Named As Seth Rich ... - yournewswire.com A credible witness has identified two Obama-era government employees as Seth Rich's killers and is set to provide "conclusive evidence". Search domain yournewswire.comhttps://yournewswire.com/officials-seth-rich-murder-suspect

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YourNewsWire is a disinfo site, Yog. You need to corroborate everything they print.

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Correction, I need to type everything they type. Archive.

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@yogsoggoth: Perhaps this should be a separate post for botb pizzagate and pizzagate whatever in order to.make the news announcement.

I listened to the press conference. I disagreed with the general conclusion that the news was a nothingburger. A witness came forward who spoke by phone gave a very vague explanation of his alleged intelligence background (which i would expect) He gave an equally vague description as to how he overheard two federal employees, not officials, bragging how Seth Rich was hit, by them. (I would also expect such vagueness in order to protect his identity) However, he seemed sincere and many a murder crime has been solved by such a witness coming forward. Trouble is, there are no law enforcement authorities who are willing to follow up on such disclosures.

The witness identifies one culprit as an ATF agent and the other as a DEA agent. The witness goes on to explain that there are dirty cops everywhere in local law enforcement which U. S. prosecutor Rod Rosenstein did not hesitate to use.

The whole thing starts to breakdown when assumptions are made that Seth Rich downloaded the DNC files to a thumbdrive and he had the thumbdrive in his possession, hence the murder. This was the scenario advanced by Attorney Burckman, not necessarily the witness who went along with it. Burckman has been researching the murder from the very beginning. The motive for the murder at this stage is speculative and both the witness and Burckman lost credibility by conflating a possible motive with a bragging incident that might be true. Bruckman has always struck me as sincere but amateurish and the format reflected this. But remember folks, it was Attorney Mark.Lane who began the unraveling of the Warren Report and he was equally amateurish at the outset of his research into JFK's death. No one is laughing now.

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Vindicator said that the source was fake news, even though everyone knows. What should we believe now Mr. Pizzalawyer? Discussion for other than Yog.

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