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@Lamplight, @think- and @carmencita: so glad we had a moderator to encourage a re-posting. And thank you, thank you for discovering blogger Joaquin Hagedon, author of America Empire Exposed, a book length blog article with many chapters on the elite and pedophelia, not just the Franklin scandal. He is a West Point graduate, a former Army Officer and has worked as a licensed mental health therapist with young people for over 25 years. He has published a thin book titled: Pedophilia and Empire: Satan, Sodomy and the Deep State which is available for free on Kindle. I could not determine if the book and the book length blog article are one and the same. Either way, there is enough research to keep all of us busy for a long spell.

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@Lamplight, @think- and @carmencita: so glad we had a moderator to encourage a re-posting.

Thanks, @Pizzalawyer, you're welcome. :-) And thank you for your comments.

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UPVOAT and TY for the Re Post.

Well, I just read it all. I must say, even though after being here more than a year, and having read many accounts of these horrid crimes on the Franklin children, this was one of the most comprehensive. I learned so many new revelations, I was and am still shocked. It takes a lot to shock me anymore. Amazing, Heartbreaking, but necessary, if we are at all going to put an end to their horrible hold on our country and Our Children. They are not elites they pretend to be. They have sold their souls to the devil. We still have ours. That puts us on a much Higher Level.

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I just finished reading this chapter and I urge everyone here to do the same. Im so.depressed all over again. I wonder if Trump's caustic comments recently about not understanding what the hell was George Bush Sr. talking about in his "thousand points of light" had anything to do with Trump's knowledge of Bush's role in the Franklin Scandal. And I wonder if Stormy Daniels with her alleged NXIUM scar was sent to that golf tournament to ensare him?

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I think you are onto something. I agree that the thousand points of light was a hint.

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Hi - do you have a link for this comment? I hadn't heard that, thanks.

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Both facts about Stormy Daniels scar and Trump's comments on Bush can be googled. Some say that after some anons discovered the scar, that MSM finally shut up about her. The points of light comments were made a few days ago at a rally. Im not tech savvy enough to copy and paste content here so you will have to look it up on your own.

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Speaking of the 1000 candles, do you guys remember the time it was mentioned by Pres Bush, I believe, during an honorary ceremony with Sharon Tate’s mother Doris?

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I have posted this before Took awhile to find it again:


NEW YORK (Reuters) - Susan Buffett, the wife of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Chairman Warren Buffett, died of a stroke while the two were visiting friends in Cody, Wyoming, the company said Thursday.

Susan Buffett has been a director of Berkshire since 1991 and owned 2.2 percent of the company's stock, according to the company's most recent proxy filing. She also stood to inherit Warren Buffett's fortune upon his death, a sum estimated by Forbes at $42.9 billion.

Larry King (not THAT one), the founder of Nebraska's notorious Franklin Credit Union. King was, in the mid-'80s, Nebraska's most prominent Black Republican. He sang the national anthem at the 1984 and 1988 Republican National Conventions, was a pal of George HW Bush (who was recognized at a number of King's "parties"), laundered Iran/Contra money, ran a pedophile ring which catered to elites (he flew young boys and girls all over the country, including many times to Washington), and subjected children to satanic ritual abuse. He's behind bars now, and recently lost a million dollar lawsuit by one of "his" boys for years of torture and exploitation.

From The Franklin Cover-Up by former Nebraska State Senator John DeCamp:

"One of King's earliest boosters was the wife of a man with an unrivaled reputation for shrewed investments - Warren Buffett.

"Backing from Buffett's socialite wife, Susie, came early in the rise of Larry King. Susie Buffett was a volunteer at the credit union in the early days. According to the Lincoln Journal-Star of March 19, 1989, King 'liked to tell the story of a woman coming to the credit union to see him and being told to return at 7:00 the next morning because he was so busy. The woman was Susie Buffett, wife of billionaire Warren Buffett, and she did come back to offer her help at the credit union.' For years, it has been part of Larry King lore in Omaha, that the Buffett's hosted a tenth wedding anniversary party for him and Alice."

Warren Buffett lives with a woman named Astrid Menks. The Wall Street Journal reported that he met her in 1977 when Susie brought her home from the nightclub where Menks was a waitress, called The French Cafe. The French Cafe, a number of King's "children" testified, was also the scene of a number of "parties" at which they were assaulted and raped by wealthy and prominent citizens of Omaha.

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I also caught those damning references to Warren Buffet, as clean cut and wholesome as a plain of waving grain in a wheatfield in Nebraska set againt a shimmering blue sky. What a mirage.

I believed in the devil as a child, lived a secular life and now I believe in the devil all over again. I think we are on the verge of an epoch time in the history of mankind. This combined with organ harvesting is on a par with Hitler's Holocaust. It is so dreadful, I just have to take another break from it all.

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I have been hoping for quite some time that Buffet gets exposed, for he is so deeply involved in all this. His daughter is closely connected to Planned Parenthood and also deeply involved, including the rest of the family. I wish people would stop worshiping people for their wealth. It's OK to have money, but you should not be idolized when you are full of the devil.

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This is what happens when they stopped teaching real history and real geography. Social Studies. A lot is missing and is what they want. When you can't read about the horrors that were put on people decades and centuries ago, how can you understand the evil some have and can cause. People are so disbelieving now. Even people that grew up decades ago, they are in a stupor when I bring such things up. They look at me as if I am the pariah. How dare you bring that up and ruin my nice neat little world. Ugh. I am so sick of them. Yes, I believe in the devil still. I never stopped really. I just stayed away from Church. But I never stopped praying. I don't blame you. Take another rest. That part of the little boy and the pitchfork almost finished me off too. I think the reason I keep going day to day is the anger I feel at the evil cabal and also at the Sheep. God help us all, even the Sheep. I know I am going to regret that.

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It's good that you realize when it's about time to take a break. I did the same last summer (when I was still a lurker).

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Thank you very much for reposting, @lamplight. :-)


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I really think more people should be aware of this example. I am a little put of by the pleonasm and hyperbole of the piece. It would have a great chance of taken credibly if it just stuck to facts and left conjecture out of it. (like comparing darpa's attempt to control the masses with the internet with pedophilia).

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I agree with you about the pleonasm and hyperbole but that was only in the introduction, don' t you think? The story itself was pretty straight forward and to the point. I almost thought there were two different authors and the intro was written by an editor. So.fellow pizzagaters, gloss over the intro and get to the heart of the matter - there was alot more info there than I previously knew.

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I tend to agree with you. The piece has a lot of truth in it but is written in such a way, and includes certain things, which could put off average people who are not already conspiracy believers. Also I'm not sure how I feel about Stew Webb, who is given mention in the article.

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"(like comparing darpa's attempt to control the masses with the internet with pedophilia)."

It has become rather obvious this last decade, yet this bugs you? Guilt can be hidden but not removed.

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Wow! Yeah, this article definitely brings to light new revelations. Johnny Gosch is what got me interested and obsessed with MKUltra, Pizzagate. I’ve always thought that it would be so interesting to hear from some of his childhood friends, their recollections of Johnny and his parents. And whatever happened to his half-brother & sister? Anyone know?

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