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Great idea. Even before 1990, Hillary's defense of a pedophile who raped and tortured a 12 year old girl and then bragged about getting him off.

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yes that's right, it was her very first case

i got family over now so cant go digging til tomorrow, help me find the best link

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This is what first made me really look into her and realise she was more than just crooked politically. The article that alerted me to that was -


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I don’t have a problem with that so much . That’s what lawyers do ....???

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Lawyers do defend guilty parties all the time but very few brag about it later.

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excellent post and idea, @MolochHunter.

may I suggest a couple more additions?

  • former Clinton insider Larry Nichols' claim that Hillary attended regular meetings at a California 'coven'

  • when she literally joined a witches coven a couple months ago

this could be a good start to a new series of executive summaries on the "Pizzagate Principles" (or whatever..) perhaps we could do JA or the Podesta Bros next.

maybe we could sticky this @vindicator @think-

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We should definitely sticky it -- but only after it has links supporting every claim. There are several yet to be filled in. MH, ping me when you've got them all in place. In a thread like this, each statement really needs to link to the proof/relevant research threads.

Also, some formatting -- key events/topics in bold? -- would help, too.

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nice idea

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in lieu of a better flair option, I'm going to give this an 'IMPORTANT' flair just to get some eyeballs on it.

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@MolochHunter, thanks for the great post!

Could you please add links here:

  • 2011 Laura Silsby affair, in which Ms Silsby was convicted on a second consecutive attempt to alight across the Dominican border with 33 children without adequate attempts to locate their parents in earthquake ravaged Haiti.

  • Ms Silsby was extradited after personal intervention from the Clintons

  • ...and Silsby was one of the gests at Chelsea’s wedding.

I will then sticky the post.


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Finally someone “heard” me

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Gucifer 2.0 claimed Bill Clinton’s wife was a high priest or goddess of the occult.

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Late 1990s The head of the Kosovo Liberation Army is known to have funded his genocidal guerrilla force through underage prostitution rings and organ harvesting from captured soldiers and civilians. On the global charity Gala circuit, he is often found seated at the same table as Bill & Hillary. The extent of Human trafficking during the Yugoslavian genocide - and how no-one in the U.N. camp faced jail for it - is detailed in the movie The Whistleblower Whistleblower YouTubewith Rachael Weiss. The woman who blew the whistle in real life was so reviled in her workplace as a result that she ate alone in the UN cafeteria. Think about that.

Thank you so much for mentioning this and for speaking about Organ Harvesting/Trafficking. Hillary and Bill have done so much to harm our children They need to be called out for this, one of the most egregious crimes against the Children of the World. The names they stamp on their Bills and Org. are never what they seem Adoptions and Safe Families Act. One of the worst tricks played on our country.

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Hillary is a child rapist . Girls. “ and it pleases bill”. If I had a dime for every video watched/ article read.... http://obsceneworks.com/blog/hillary-clinton-raped-cathy-obrien/

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It's a horrid story. If you know it you won't forget it. She is a horrid person. Horrid.

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Laura Silsby's lawyer Jorge Puello, also gets arrested for leading a Central American human trafficking ring.



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incorporated it, thx for the reminder

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https://hooktube.com/watch?v=gLclDXINVsY :

Mind Control Out Of Control MK ULTRA Cathy O'Brien pt1 - YouTube

https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=byMofVM8RtA&t=3s :

CPS Abuse: Senator Nancy Schaefer - YouTube

https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=E56OYUV7BWw)withwith) :

The Whistleblower (2011) Trailer - HD Movie - YouTube

https://archive.fo/aJZjK :

The Church Of Satan on Twitter: "The never ending excitement here is never ending.… "

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Hillary promotes Huma's mom, who writes a book which contains "sexual submissiveness and even female genital mutilation"


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