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Terry Crews is the man.

In fact, he seems to be the only man in PedoWood outside of Woods and a couple of others.

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Thanks for this.

Actually, if we think about this in a different way, we can see when the pedos officially took over and made it a closed club. Woods and Quaid had very viable careers in the beginning, but are not part of the cabal. I doubt if ''outsiders'' (and by outsiders, I mean non-cabal pervs) would be given jobs now. No outsiders, they're assured of no one talking. So if we can figure out when their careers were cut short, it's probably around when this complete takeover occurred.


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Ask DiFi why her husband spends so much time in Nepal (where the recently arrested famous Canadian pedo was found hiding out) and has his own child trafficking charity there, The American Himalayan Foundation. Just how did this power couple get so rich?