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"The prosecution has not yet released the evidence that they have of pedophilia, as they are likely saving it for court so the defense has less time to prepare." Huh??? Prosecutors don't have to give the defense their evidence? In what universe? Discovery compels production of all state's evidence. Maybe they are both keeping it from the media but they aren't doing it to the defense.

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And even if the incident Vindicator mentions actually happened, prosecutors have none of that as the person didn't go to the police.

They are not keeping it from anyone because they would have to publically charge the defendants with the crime and they have not. No crime like this is mentioned in the indictment which is a public document.

Last American Vagabond is a very dubious source who often distort real news stories and add dubious claims

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I suppose it is possible they are holding it over her head or planning to charge that separately... I don't know as I have spent no time looking into her case, I was only commenting on that one sentence since it is obviously false under the laws of every state and under Federal rules. A lot of false statements or ideas that people would have no reason to know any better about get spread through the internet.

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Where does it say that child sex trafficking is the main charge? Couldn't find it in the document they posted.

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First the pull out the R rated version of what happened then they roll out the real stuff when were done hearing about her. I'm so through with these people.