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Let’s move on now to Dublin’s history.

The notorious Hellfire Club in the Dublin mountains is a name murky with ugly rumours, dark deeds, black magic and blasphemy.

Hell-fire clubs have always been shrouded in rumours of devil worship and dark satanic deeds.

Drive out of south Dublin and climb Mountpelier Hill and there, on top, squats the shell of the old hunting lodge built for Irish Parliamentary Speaker William Connolly in 1725.

To build the lodge, they say that Connolly's workmen used stones from the ancient passage tombs - their destruction marks the start of the association of the site with the supernatural.

Local legend has it that the devil was so enraged by the desecration that he blew off the wooden roof of the lodge in a storm.

After Connolly's death, his widow leased the building to the Earl of Rosse, Richards Parsons, in 1735. He was one of the leading figures in the Dublin Hellfire Club - also known as The Blasters or the Young Bucks of Dublin.

They were a group of aristocrats, described at the time by Gulliver's Travels writer Jonathan Swift as "a brace of monsters, blasphemers and Bacchanalians".

The first hellfire club was set up by the Duke of Wharton and specialised in daring deeds like playing cards on Sunday, reading Lucretius and eating pigeon - known as "Holy Ghost" - pie, as chronicled in The Hellfire Clubs: Sex, Satanism and Secret Societies by Evelyn Lord.

The most notorious club was formed by Sir Francis Dashwood with the motto "Fais ce que tu voudrais" - Do as you will.

Dashwood's club included some of Britain's most senior statesmen and aristocrats. They met in a series of underground caves in West Wycombe and, legend has itindulged in lot of risque behaviour with the strict proviso: "What goes on underground, stays underground."

His club was called the Monks or Friars of St Francis of Wycombe. It was anything but saintly and involved drinking, wenching and banqueting.

In Ireland, the Dublin Hellfire Club first met on Cork Hill at the Eagle tavern.

But there was a much darker side to the club - it was a place where young rich aristocrats could get away, literally, with murder.

"When we come to one of the club's younger members, Henry, fourth Baron Barry of Santry, things start to get more sinister," writes Ryan.

"Lord Santry was civil enough - when sober. When intoxicated, as he often was, a much darker side was revealed. One of his most shocking crimes was the murder of an ill and bedridden servant. Having forced the unfortunate man to drink a bottle of brandy, Santry drenched his bedclothes in alcohol and set them alight, burning him alive. He escaped punishment by buying the silence of witnesses."


Evidence of Satanic activity in Dublin in modern times.

The murdered seven-year-old boy found in an attic in Dublin in 1973 was tied to rafters in the attic in a "cruciform", the author of a forthcoming book on the killing has said.

The death was Ireland's only known "satanic murder", according to David Malone, who came across the case while carrying out research on other events of the time.

Gardai found an altar, on which was a chalice and Communion hosts, beneath the hanging body.

County Coroner Kieran Geraghty gave a brief account of the details of the tragedy after his office was notified that a death certificate had never been issued.


Interesting info on this discussion board on the topic of freemasonary and Satanism in Ireland: https://thumped.com/bbs/threads/satanism-freemasonary-in-ireland.33566/

From the above information, it appears that Dublin, Ireland has long been a hotbed of Satanic activity that has spread to the United States and other countries through masonic connections and the music industry. I need to dig more into who Bono’s parents and their connections and who else Bono associated with while in Ireland, but this is a good start and it appears that Dublin is probably ground zero in regards to the infiltration of the Catholic church. From my thread about Bono pushing abortions in Ireland, it’s not difficult to see that Bono has returned to his homeland to desecrate it further. I hope O’Connor is able to heal as best she can and I wouldn’t doubt that her mother passed her around to her friends who most likely were pedos and Satanists as O’Connor states that she kept her hair short because she was tired of getting molested and raped everywhere she went. Don’t forget we also saw this when Brittany Spears shaved her head. Things run deep and it’s all stemming from evil traditions going back centuries.

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Thanks for adding this. I don't think they're ever going to reveal exactly what happened to those babies, but we have a pretty good idea.

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Bono was backed by the Sun Ra Arkestra. How many clues does one need to figure out who he is working for?

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Yeah, pretty obvious.

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BONO as MacPhisto in Sydney 1993

Resurrected MacPhisto in attack on Trump ( mentions Charlottesville LARP )

Btw... BONO says lyrics from 'Sympathy from the Devil' and Trump has been playing 'You can't always get what you want' at his rallies

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What a cross-dressing dork

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Check out this bullshit! How can a man who dresses up like the devil have any room to talk about morals and innocence?

U2 singer Bono says President Trump’s election caused the band to significantly delay and rework their upcoming album “Songs of Experience,” because they felt the “moral arc of the universe” was no longer bending in the direction of “fairness, equality and justice” and they felt the need to address it through music.

Bono said Mr. Trump’s election was a defining moment in America’s history and caused many people, conservative and liberal, to mourn for “innocence that was lost.”


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U2 probably borrowed the title "Songs of Experience" from William Blake's collection of poems by the same name. I'm not familiar with the content of said poems, but Blake was certainly an early occultist weirdo back in the 18th century. I guess Bono's nonsense about a "moral arc of the universe" has something to do with the typical satanist's worldview wherein one day a perfect dualistic, everything goes new world order is to be established on earth.

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Bono's so creepy! I've never seen such evil people hate on someone so much. Have you? I'll have to check out the lyrics from both of those songs.

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Bono held a speech at the funeral of Clement Freud, one of our usual suspects, and he performed a song at the funeral of Balthus, creator of pedophile art.

Birds of a feather....

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Thanks for adding this! I had no idea, and makes sense. He's getting more and more transparent as the pieces are coming together.

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Haha! What a creep! While the girls are 19, I don't doubt he's partied with younger. Thanks for posting this.

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Dublin has the oldest Grand Lodge of Freemasons in the world https://www.atlasobscura.com/places/freemasons-hall

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Thanks for adding this. Very important to note!

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Look into Dalkey house of horrors https://m.independent.ie/irish-news/gardai-revisit-house-of-horrors-paedophile-case-29226565.html

Cynthia Owen claims to have been a victim of SRA, at the hands of police and other respected members of her community.

Also, the Patrick Gageby mentioned in this article is a serial pedo defender https://www.irishmirror.ie/news/irish-news/dublin-man-who-sexually-abused-12388269 https://www.rte.ie/news/courts/2018/0516/964003-cathal-forde-court/

His sister happens to be the former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Susan_Denham

A former swim coach he represented who currently lives in Florida was meant to be extradited to Ireland on abuse charges but keeps getting off the hook. There was a swim coach pedophile ring in Dublin, more details here. Note the Church and police were involved in the cover up https://m.herald.ie/news/the-smiling-double-killer-35945556.html

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What a hIdeous monster, and his buddies! He looks like death warmed over! Too bad these creatures don't always look as nasty on the outside as they are on the inside. From the article: Cynthia Owen named 12 men who called to the Murphy family house regularly and paid Peter Murphy and his wife Josie, both of whom are now dead, to rape and abuse their children. I think this is what O'Connor's mother did to her and her siblings.

These pedo protectors need to swing by the gallows, too.

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and started the corruption of the Catholic church

The Catholic Church has been corrupt for a long long time. http://archive.is/yVATk

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While there's no true mention of Satanism in your link, it does mention orgies, torture, and other egregious forms of behavior, so I'll consider it as a form of corruption, but not directly linked to Satanic infiltration, which was my original intention, but I see I wasn't very specific about this. I'll edit my intro.

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EC, A wealth of info about Dublin, Bono, Sinead. I have been in Dublin many times and in Glenageary a few times. I did not know most of this info even though i live in Ireland. One of the most important elements of the coming Q Storm is putting an end to child sexual abuse and sacrifice. Thank you for keeping a focus on it. What is done in the dark will be brought to the light. PS. Patriots. I am a newbie and need upvotes please and thanks.

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Excellent! I'm glad you checked out my threads and found value in them.

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