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Great work! Everyone is worried about these kids... and you’ve brought much needed attention back to some very important elements. I find the hard drives especially interesting!

I once had a friend from a Baha’i family. Not that it’s and indicator, but he stole a bunch of stuff from me.

The religion seems like a cherry picking of all of the easier elements of other religions, mixed with the cultish admiration of a leader. It’s a surprisingly influential religion. If I’m not mistaken, their recruitment is directed towards high-IQ types and Mensa members

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I live a couple of towns over from the Baha’i “temple” here in Chicago and I’m friends with a family that’s Baha’i. If it’s any consolation, both parents went to Northwestern and be if their sons got accepted when he was around 15. Super smart, all of them. What else do you know about Baha’i bc I know nothing. I asked them about it years ago and the mom said that sometimes they’ll sing songs around the house but that’s it bc there doesn’t seem to be a traditional weekly congregation. Ohhh, and I remember hearing her say that they encourage race mixing; that particular family was mixed, as well.

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From what I remember... there is a prophet of the religion whose philosophy gives respect to Christianity, Islam and Zoroastrianism. It’s an international religion. That is as much as I got when I asked. They did NO PROSELETYZIND and made no attempt to sell me on their religion.

One could take that as respect, but I respectfully asked more than once, basically leaving the door open to be introduced.

That alone struck me as weird. The family was high IQ, or at least believed they were. They totally had an effete, elitist aire.

I liken it to a less virulent strain of Scientology... basically just a thin veneer of unimportant, unbeliever dogma that covers a nepotism system based on recruiting SPECIFIC individuals, not the masses; the way that Scientology recruits drones (whom are the spies and operators of the black mail and secret-keeping apparatus) or ‘queen bees’ (which are the artists that have a narcissistic need for the ego boosting “services” of Scientology).

I need to do more research into the TYPES of people involved with Baha’ito confirm or refute my suspicions, though. I’m mostly speculating based on limited experience and light reading.

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Excellent thread! Those poor kids look soulless and the boy even appears to have that "Damian" look in the way he smiles. The conclusion of Wenig's letter is veiled in Satanism as he mentions how the holidays are upon us... who we serve.

And I'm left feeling angry and defeated.

Here we are, essentially in a vacuum, raising the awareness of those who already know about this, but go out onto the streets of your home town and ask anyone you meet if they're familiar with the Hampstead children and they'll likely say 'no', then where to begin to get them from the police videos of the kids all the way to the eBay awards to wake them up, but then what? Hope they are able to tell someone else? Most likely, they'll start researching, find Voat, and research more, and essentially get stuck in this vacuum like we all are seeing and understanding the vastness of it all and not knowing what to do with it all and how to combat the beast.

eBay, Eli Lilly, and these other companies are huge and powerful, and it's going to take more than a boycott to bring them down. Even if we do push them out of business, they grow a new head (as Hydras do) and we have to research all over again.

Palantir's eTrolls are basically useless and only exist to irritate and remind us (here in the vacuum) what we'll be faced with should we go into the real world and start talking about this vast Satanic system.

I could go on and on about this, and yes, researching and discussing this amongst ourselves and waiting for Q to reveal and waiting for the hammer to drop is starting to feel like grains of sand in my shoe.

We really can't sit behind our screens contributing to and absorbing info from a vacuum forever and expect to get somewhere. God helps those who help themselves, so what can and should we do?

Q shirts and decals can raise awareness, but Q (on the surface) only discusses politics and strategy, and many people will not be able to hang for long because they don't understand, can't keep up, or (let's be honest) will be turned off by the Trump train.

I think the main thing we need to make people aware of is the rise of Satanism. It's the only common denominator, and anyone with half a brain can see how it's being normalized in the mainstream, even if you are washing down your Eli Lilly psych meds with Stargags coffee.

Sorry for the diatribe. I'm just scratching at the walls of this matrix vacuum because I'm getting frustrated seeing more evil unfold and knowing we aren't even putting a dent in it.

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Thank you for the comment. I appreciate it. As you say, sitting behind screens one wonders what impact this type of research has. But I do it because the more I research and read other posts here, the quicker I can form links between various pieces of the puzzle. Do not despair. One day we'll have a story or link that cannot be ignored by the masses.

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Thanks for understanding, and I do appreciate your research as well as many others' submissions. I also do it to feel like that one puzzle piece will be found and everyone will finally get it, but the frustration is setting in after 2 years of PG research in addition to 15 years of traveling the darkest rabbit holes, I walk around outside disappointed at the miniscule level of awareness. Maybe they're awake, but just pretending to be asleep out of fear of ridicule? Damn, I hope so. Then, there's all of Soros' SJW zombies who are brainwashed into permanent states of zombie-hood or simply just care about money, or both.

I just need to figure out a way to combine posting here and trying to wake up people in the real world. Please note that violence isn't part of anything I'm talking about and above all, I hope even the sleepy timers know that the evil ones such as Soros and Waters are the ones who are behind any violence.

I'm speaking about local businesses who have the pedo triangle and other nefarious symbols on products and literature in their store, but nowhere on their website, so keyboard researchers have no way to demonstrate this connection without being outside searching, too, and reporting back. And vice versa.

Thanks for all your hard work and don't stop. Discouraging you is not what I came in here for. Your thread and the info within just caused a spark, and that's a compliment.

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God sees it all.

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Absolutely, but it would be so sweet of Him to let us see them get their Earthly punishment.

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Research can lead to arrests. Unfortunately we do it for free, but that's OK. Have you ever wondered about the effect that Frank Parlato might have had on NXIUM? Maybe, just maybe, someone from law enforcement stumbled across him and started reading. He probably had better things to do with his time, and chose to be seriously annoying to the cult. Who is in jail now?

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Frank Parlato ...who?

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No, I never considered that, and I suppose it's possible. I always remember that the greatest rewards are for things we do for free.

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Your scratching up the right walls. Diatribe needed, Eli Lilly references appreciated.

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Thanks for this. Your reassurance is much appreciated. I'll try to find more on Eli Lilly, but it may take a while.

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The little boy looks absolutely haunted, as @Enigmatic_continuim stated, he has that "Damian" look; he has taken on the characteristics of his dad, a perpetrator, rather than the innocence he once had. The little girl is pretty much paralyzed, she shows almost no signs of life except for one forced "smile" which was more of a grimace. This children have been murdered while they are alive, by their father and the rest of the satanists as well as by the State and the authorities in charge of the world, who handed them BACK to the evil ones. They must feel as if the entire world except for their mother and step father are OK with what is happening to them. No wonder they have morphed into what we see today. God HELP THEM and us all, in Jesus Christ.

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Its almost guaranteed that the boy will go on to become an abuser himself - its how they perpetrate their dynasties Multi-Generational Abuse creating fractured Narcissistic Personalities. At this stage the boy probably looks up to and wishes to emulate his father.

Monsters Are Made. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQM1sOk57xM

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"Gab Williams"?? WTF! That's 100% Ricky Dearman! I love how they throw this in our faces!

Here is a clip of Dearman from 2015. It's the same dude and he even has the exact same accent!


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Wonderful Slime is a product of the son Gabriel "Gab". Even though its the father behind the keyboard responding to orders, I assume.

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I can see that for Gab, but that doesn't explain the use of " Williams".

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Posts involving the Bahai Faith which is connected to the Lucis Trust and the United Nations:

Remember Sandy Hook, Newtown? Connections with NXIVM, Cerberus/Dyncorp, the Lucis Trust, and United Nations Agenda 21. Yup, looks like they're all connected...

And a Harvard psychiatrist who specializes in trauma and belonged to the UN Baha'i Faith just happened to move to Newtown shortly before the shooting.

That Harvard psychiatrist was recently mentioned in a Joel Davis post: https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/2612544/13161356

Interestingly, the psychiatrist from Sandy Hook John Woodall and Joel Davis both follow Susannah Sirkin who 'oversees PHR’s international policy engagement including our work with the United Nations, domestic and international justice systems, and human rights coalitions.' https://medium.com/@susannahsirkin/followers

Edit 2: Sirkin was actually a mentor to Joel Davis: https://twitter.com/JoelAndrewD/status/514162656715218944

Edit: Bill Clinton with Sirkin in 2012 https://www.flickr.com/photos/physiciansforhumanrights/10174699353

John and Margo Woodall Baha'i Writings Interfaith Service (Sandy Hook)

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Along with the institutionalized secular faith of carbon-centric environmentalism that figures centrally in the Bahá’ís’ undertakings, the Unity Project’s understated transnationalism is likewise making inroads at public schools and in communities throughout the world. As in his previous endeavors, the Sandy Hook tragedy has provided the backdrop for Woodall’s evangelizing that seeks to realign the traumatized individual and group toward certain ideals and norms. What is arguably of concern is that Woodall proceeds under the cover of mental health professional while espousing an ardent globalist ideology that runs counter to the traditional political beliefs and religious faiths that, for better or worse, are espoused by a majority of the world’s population.

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This is my theory.. (keeping Elsa gate in mind ) regarding the " wonderfulslime " business venture . Look at the audience " Elsagate " type videos attracts. There are tons of YouTube videos of kids playing with this slime . Think of what we know about the spying capabilities. Not saying that RD himself is making these videos , but supplying the main ingredient " slime " to the children at large , will make him bigger bucks than the youtubers promoting it . I have so much more to say on this theory , but have no time right now to write it all out . Hoping someone might see what I'm talking about here and look into it further .

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There's a lot to your theory based on what came out about him. Many people said his earlier websites were a front for porn (including children) and streaming stuff.

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Yes I remember and what a better way to " win " his children back then opening up a company selling one of the most popular kids toys ! They look dazed and confused

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Great post, @letsdothis2! I had no idea that the Baha'i Faith and the Lucis Trust were connected.

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David Icke forum with latest comments on the video: https://forum.davidicke.com/showthread.php?t=289414&page=1035

Dearman's Facebook profile in the name of Richard Ford https://imgur.com/a/k2i3uV7

and Gab Williams https://imgur.com/a/B8AbYHZ

Strategic Supplement Marketer https://imgur.com/a/HSy2o0T

His website: Richard Ford Agency http://www.richardfordagency.com/free-blueprint-v1-supplementnewclient/

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That website makng you download is sooooo 90's looking and CREEPY!!

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Hey how do you know that Richard Ford is Ricky Dearman? I don't think it looks like him but maybe you have more info on this?

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Dearman is a crappy nobody wannabe actor. I think those internet marketing charlatans wouldn't dare put their own face on their websites and will most likely pay for a model/actor to pose for them.

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