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Great job Vindicator! Glad I could inspire :) The way we beat this is collective evidence. Easily reachable collective evidence instead of spread out. Awesome!

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total agreement! help search_help us!!!!

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Done on my end.

1 New Evidence and 2 Potential Lead flares.

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I just adjusted all my submissions.

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Here's another example of how I get results on search engines .. https://imgur.com/gallery/mDItNOg

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Looks like it caught the Comment key word for the flair. Nice!

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Does anyone ever just search through search engines ? I say this because , I can usually find any old voat post by putting the name of the user (@cc1914) the subject matter , and the word " voat " . It always brings results . If your looking for a conversation you had with someone on voat , you only have to remember a few words of that conversation, the persons username , your user name and the word " voat " . If this is common knowledge, sorry 😁

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So you are saying Google searches Comments? This did not used to work (Google was blocking many search results in the early days). Also, it doesn't work for flairs, apparently, which are actually images.

Cc1914, how would you search to find mod comments noting the application of a flair? I just tried it and couldn't get anything recent to pop up.

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Google totally searches comments . That's how I find stuff. All I have to do is remember a little bit about the conversation and something usually always pops up . Not right on top always , sometimes I have to scroll for awhile .

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Google does that for a whole lot of my searches. Having our own search bar, for this site only, would be better. Like, most of us can remember that late night conversation with the person who might not be here, or has changed name, from a year ago. Search bar only available to registered.

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This popped up by using these search words https://imgur.com/gallery/QvJUEpl Which led me right to this posted 11 hours ago . https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/2610872

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Ok let me see if I can find one

I used the search words " I'm giving this the share flair @cc1914 voat Pizzagate "


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So Vindicator wields the last say in labeling threads. They don't need to be labeled, we don't appreciate you labeling threads. We decide if they are important, valid, disinfo, not the mods.