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If this person was connected to the Trump campaign it would be national news headlines for weeks. However because it is Clinton this shit will role across the bottom of the news channels and be forgotten as CNN screams about the Mueller probe and detained illegal immigrants.

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Funny how all the celebs and big names that are speaking out against Trump are the same ones going on about the immigration situtaion.. Sadly guessing it's where most of them get their victims from hence why they are kicking up a stink because their supply is being cut off..

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detained illegal immigrants

You mean the ones separated from their children? How will they experience the ... satisfaction of family life!?

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Yeah, it's weird. I'm a skeptic, but had trouble finding a mainstream source for this. Bizarre.

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What can you tell me about Ralph Shortey or Caleb Bailey ?

Because we have enough evidence to conduct this experiment.

If this person was connected to the Trump campaign it would be national news headlines for weeks.

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Wow. How many peds is she connected to now? Methinks it's higher than the body counts at this point.

Aaaaannnd another example of the Nobel prize being garbage.

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If you want to see all of the backup on this story, everything known about Davis is posted here: https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/2610017

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Sorry to step on your post--didn't notice it stickied up there. And thanks for providing the link.

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No problem. Just trying to keep clutter to a minimum. things are about to get busy 'round these parts.

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Distributing pictures of infants and toddlers being raped... This should be automatic death penalty!

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Working "against" trafficking appears to be one of their angles to hide in plain sight. It makes sense. It lets them do lots of research with a nice cover. I'm really curious about Ashton Kutcher. Look at his sign: "Real Men Don't Buy Girls". Who is this appealing to? Most men completely agree; why the continued shaming of "men" when the problem is certain people and only certain people? I would imagine pedos don't care about this "not a real man" shaming, and it's aimed at making men look bad while deflecting the real problem: pedos.

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Elitists truly believe that non-elitists are too stupid to see through their pathetically transparent "covers." It's almost as if they're begging to be busted.

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maybe its a snide inference that real men buy boys instead

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Thank god they caught him early on. another Sandusky in the making right there

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Unfortunately he probably won't get a very big sentence for the child porn alone. Hopefully they have enough to get him for the rape of the 13 year old so he can be put away for a long time

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These people are sick... soon to be dead... one way or another. Deborah Harry

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Deborah Harry?

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Is this a reference to the band Blondie?

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Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: a8b0ae No.1933629 📁

Jun 27 2018 20:26:29 (EST)

https://yournewswire.com/clinton-campaign-official-arrested-child-rape/amp/?__twitter_impression=true 📁 Coincidence?

These people are sick!


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Q citing "yournewswire" is a BIG red flag for me.

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