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He is now in very big legal trouble the Secret Service is going to nail him he committed a major felony by advocating for the serious injury or death of a federal official DHS Secretary Nielsen and Barron Trump is a federally protected child you are not allowed to say "the first son or first daughter should be raped and killed by pedophiles" if any actor said that about Sasha or Malia Obama he would have been arrested the same day and sent to prison. You can maybe get away with saying it about Trump or Melania but if they wanted to prosecute you for that they could. So far they have not prosecuted anyone calling for Trump's assassination but they should start cracking down on libtards who do that.


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Politics aside, you are just witnessing the beginning of this. I have been into politics for a long time now, and this is war. Hanoi Jane, the Fonz, and more undead are soon to follow.


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Yep. The left has abandoned all reason. Truth, logic, cleverness, none of this matters to them any more. We’re going to see bare knuckles, no holds barred, say anything, do anything, no matter the cost, to get Trump out of the Oval Office and Democrats Progressives back in. I’m surprised FOX News has lasted this long.

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Are you kidding? Liberals would pay money to watch a liberal man literally rape a Republican woman. They are the filthiest scum satan ever created.


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Arrest the cunt!