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GOOD SHAME ON THEM AND PROTECTION OF THE ABUSERS!!! You were there to help children not to have a full service menu of your choice I mean some of the things I read about the sex abuse in Haiti made me want to murder people! Having literal waiting lists for rooms at night. Rooms that were allocated for charity work!! They were using them like an hour rate seedy no tell motel to ABUSE CHILDREN!! I mean I swear my blood boils thinking about the gall of these disgusting men. On the effing clock paid to rape by the very charity they represent!

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Thanks once again :)

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It looks more and more these days like these aid organizations are often nothing more than child procurement services. According to the statistics I have seen, kidnapping children for forced labor on plantations, in mines, sugar cane fields, etc...is perhaps larger than trafficking children for sex slaves. No telling how many children these people steal every year.

Oxfam said it would continue to work in Haiti through affiliate members from Italy, Spain, and Quebec.

Wonder exactly what that means?

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I think that is something we need to find

all these arms to the same group

instead of expanding, they grow arms to hide

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It could mean that they will continue to get children to abuse through affiliate members but not set foot on Haiti soil. Kick the entire Oxfam group out of every country!

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I'm guessing they plan to funnel their perverts through the Italy, Spain and Canada branches of oxfam into Haiti. Those corporate NGO's and church charities are nothing more than ways and means for abusers to get to kids. All those charities that dash out to impoverished countries "for the children" are suspect in my view until proven otherwise. If all the money that was donated to those crooks was actually used for good, there wouldn't be so many desperate people in the world. Prime example is how the Clintons and their cronies bilked Haiti and enriched themselves.

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Haiti's government said the decision was taken because of Oxfam's "violation of its laws and serious breach of the principle of human dignity".

Oxfam has been in Haiti since 1978, and increased its presence after the earthquake. But there have been no Oxfam GB staff in the country since the suspension in February.

Claims first emerged in the Times that staff, including a former country director, used prostitutes while based in Haiti after the earthquake.

Mr Van Hauwermeiren denied paying for sex but admitted "making mistakes".

In February, Oxfam offered its "humblest apologies" to Haiti. Thousands of people stopped making regular donations to the charity after the scandal emerged.

It's about time the charities started paying for their crimes. The People of Haiti are tired of being raped, killed and lied to.

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Nothing on children in the article

they mention prostitutes

whitewashing it

ok we got busted folks, but it was prostitutes

so mad I could spit

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I know as I read further down I was shocked. I couln't believe so I looked back and no. Not a word about the children. BBC is still covering for them.