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Brainwashing 101. Now his real misdeeds can be played off and associated with this role.

"remember when Spacey blah, blah, blah?"

"oh that's not true, you're just remembering him in that movie where he played that part."

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fast news cycle. Folk already moved on. "America Forgives" LOL. Same thing happened in UK with Kate Moss, supermodel, who bounced back bigger and wealthier than ever after her major cocaine scandal...

ALL a distraction from the REAL Pizzagate scandal. Organ trafficking and pol corruption in Chicago, DC and beyond. @carmencita @new4now @fogdryer

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He decided to live his life as a child rapist.

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https://archive.fo/nQb4E :

Kevin Spacey returns to Hollywood in Billionaire Boys Clubas gay con men who deceives young men | Daily Mail Online

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He wouldn't even need to act in that movie. Just be himself.

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I think this is how the lynch mobs were born.

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Abuser victim the lines are blurred in HW with its forgive and forget heart and bank accounts...well bank accounts they have no heart. Its all about the bottom line and what someone can do for them. Victims are an afterthought. Imagine being one and having to see him in a movie 9 MONTHS LATER!!!

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Im not convinced these asswipes will ever be served justice, unless its the vigilante kind.

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