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Many people warned that their supposed editing would not make any difference. Our collective cynicism pays off again. I hope the word gets out.

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I was one of them. The whole theme of the film is corrupt. You can't fix sicko. I posted details of the Global Road Entertainment background. Shady connections. Their goal is to PRODUCE FILMS TO MARKET IN U.S. AND CHINA SIMULTANEOUSLY. Thus the PANDA icon. They are going after the Chinese children too. See if you can post that original VOAT link. Lots of good info in it.

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metoo - I said if it was pulled from the theaters, it would only be for a week or two. This was a test to see how far they could push the pedo agenda and what the public reaction would be. Don't worry, they will make 10x on streaming what they did in the theater.

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Un-fucking-believeable. No, scratch that. I totally believe they pretended they were going to clean it up.

Thanks for the update.

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@3141592653: I will give the post the 'Share' flair. Thanks for posting.

I hope many users will share the post on Twitter and other social media.

Don't let them go away with it!!

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much appreciated

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Welcome. ;-)

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yup, I noticed the real ones are at the bottom. wonder if they even keep all the bad reviews up there...

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some really shady stuff going on.

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Also, as a rule of thumb, you shouldn't take your kids to see movies if you haven't already viewed and approved the content.

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Donald Tang and Rob Friedman likely made the decision from the top to push forward with this pedo normalization vehicle despite public outcry. They have big plans: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/berlin-global-road-touts-1-billion-war-chest-film-production-1085085

"In 2017, Tang Media Partners created Global Road Entertainment[23] as an operating unit incorporating Open Road, IM Global and IM Global TV, focused on tailoring content for both worldwide audiences as well as regional tastes. Mr. Tang recruited Rob Friedman, the former co-chairman of Lionsgate’s Motion Picture Group, former vice chair of Paramount Pictures and a former longtime exec at Warner Brothers to serve as Chairman and CEO of Global Road. Friedman has helped guide some of Hollywood’s biggest franchises, including The Hunger Games and Twilight films." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Donald_Tang

From 2015: "Rob Friedman, co-chairman of Lionsgate Motion Picture Group, and his wife Shari are hosting Hillary Clinton for her next fundraising trek to Los Angeles on Sept. 27, Variety has learned.

The $2,700-per-person event will be held at the Friedman’s Los Angeles home.

Friedman, whose studio launched “The Hunger Games” franchise, was among Clinton’s key donors during the second quarter, when she raised over $46 million for her presidential campaign. Friedman was co-chairman and CEO of Summit Entertainment, which launched the “Twilight” franchise, until it was acquired by Lionsgate in 2012." https://variety.com/2015/biz/news/hillary-clinton-fundraiser-hollywood-rob-friedman-lionsgate-1201578100/#!

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thanks for all the info

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Sick shit!

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Boycotting anyone associated with this film. Actors need to say NO to corruption or they need to feel the result of their actions. Similarly, any actor who supported Hillary Clinton has not received a dime from me in the past 2 years. Ultimately, we are going to have to boycott Hollywood altogether.

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