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We know that they are infiltrating whatever they can with break neck speed. They want to corrupt and abuse as many of Our Children as they can. One way is to just out and out Steal Our Children. They have opened the gates and let more abusers and rapists flow in for that very purpose. They will not let in any good people, only those that will plunder and ravage the country and it's future, Our Children. This is War.

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chicago has blatantly disappeared 7000 black men. Protests, riots, media and still no info and no resolution.
7000 people just gone...……….

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We must remember how much they hate Black People there. Also how well they hide figures. The mayors are masters of creative math.

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thats marxoid propaganda, I know Chicago's injustice system they have a revolving door and the street gangs can walk on a year and a day for anything, I mean anything.

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The famous music guy (if youre into that thing) "Rhymefest"is going to be suicide next, promise you that. He has been publically calling out Kanye W for abandoning his foundation that once poured money into Chicago/SouthSide/Children etc but doesn't any longer. https://twitter.com/RHYMEFEST

Kanye and Kim both fired Rhymefest in a VERY PUBLIC TWITTER WAR OF WORDS from the Donda Foundation (Donda was Kanye's mom who died also suspiciously back in 2007) last week. But Rhymefest is continuing to speak out. He knows way too many Chi secrets. If you read about his "being shot" before I do, post back here!

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And nobody cares. So many now say how they are not racist, but when it comes down to the Real Nitty Gritty, they pretend to not see. Blindfolded.

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Gosh I wonder why there is such a hard push to get the UK to be a Sharia state? I wonder if they need those laws changed NOW so that the pedos can not get drawn and quartered?

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start a civil war, pedos fad to the background

population goes down

win win

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https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=LAMcVquIe2o :

Police Whistle Blower " This Goes Right To The Top" - YouTube

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This man has the power of God upon him!

1 John 4:18 "...perfect love casteth out fear"

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I’ve posted John Widger in Voat before. But he’s never been allowed to say his part as concisely As this without interruption. It is powerful and RECENT. I watched this late last night - twice and have posted it wherever I found a space in every platform I could. This man is a true hero. Fuck Tommy Robinson who’d have everyone think this is a Muslim problem. It isn’t and never was. This is an Establishment problem and if the U.K. population take to the streets for anything it should be for this; the RIGHT reason. Ironically as it happens I got home late from a dinner invitation from my Kurdish (Muslim) neighbours which was eye opening for me - Dinner started at 7 during Ramadan for starters and the words ‘F*** Islam it’s nothing but a dangerous political ideology’ were spoken more than once - and not by me, but by them - who turned out to be far more awake and red pilled than I could have ever expected. Then I came home to this video and it was a somewhat fitting cap to the evening. Needless to say, it fired me up and robbed me of sleep for some time.

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Tommy reports on the police corruption, too, dont worry about that

I'm disappointed this post didnt get more attention here , its got absolutely everything pizzagaters look to verify (with the omission of the occult aspect) - i guess its an Americo-centric hang out

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Sorry about that, MH. Mods have been very busy and spread a bit thin lately, and any time a video is posted without a detailed summary of content with timestamps to various important parts, mods tend to just do a cursory look-over to see if it violates the rules or not and then let the votes decide. We do not have time to watch every second of every video. Users tend to not explore video posts that don't describe and explain their content, either. I will give this an "Important" flair based on user comments. :-)

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I hear you, and against my better principles I found myself indeed giving more airtime to Robinson because he is the only one being vocal - but his focus on the racial aspects is his downfall, I feel he’d garner far more support if he was as loud about the Establishment parts in this as opposed to the Muslim aspects - both merit equal attention. And yes, I have had little if any, feedback from having posted this on social media platforms - although I have had immense feedback from those to whom I sent it directly. I too cannot understand why this post is not getting the traction it deserves. It should have gone viral. But the underlying snobbery of the U.K. prevents your average Joe thinking that this will ever affect them - because my child will never be destined for the walk of life that these victims are plucked from. Wanna bet, Joe? This can happen to you too. Waking people from their Deep Sleep is not easy, and I don’t ever want to have to say ‘I told you so’ and I’ve been telling you so for ever.

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someone call the media...……………………….oh wait there is none

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A pertinent CDAN blind from a couple of days ago. Sick. http://www.crazydaysandnights.net/2018/06/blind-item-6-reader-blind-item.html?m=1

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It is actor Hugh Dancy, now married to Claire Danes.

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Actually... Maybe this is why The Path was so unceremoniously cancelled this year. The moment it became clear what the story was actually about (exposing pedophillia in a cult) pretty much every mainstream source stopped reviewing or recapping it. Like a wall of no publicity. Despite the quality of the season.

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Ugh! Fuck that. He played a sex abuse survivor on The Path this year too. Seems like a really nice guy.

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Sick and Sad. I am so over this stuff. Can't take any more after last night.

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