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The problem is they’re gonna make this out to be some cult thing instead of a widespread thing that seems to be the lifeblood (literally and figuratively) of governments and rulers.

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That's why the MSM just starting calling Trump supporters "a cult". New 0400 talking point. Refer to American Horror Story - Cult. False flags in the name of 'Merica coming soon to a town near you.

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Exactly right. I heard that today too.

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how old is she if she is under 28 then her memories may get jogged later ..... around 30 all suppressed sexual childhood stuff comes back and is unshakable

ps didnt depp take out phenix because winona

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YES!!! It can come back in bits and pieces. Whether you want it or not scenes can flash into your mind. I know someone that is still getting them after decades. It pains me to even write this. Oh the suffering they endure and their abusers abuse them over and over many times over in their memories and nightmares. May God have a special penance for them alone. Hopefully as they are hiding their crimes and wanting to believe they have done no wrong, may they have horrid nightmares of the same happening to them.I am not a vengeful person, but tears are falling for the Survivors/Victims. The person I know is an Angel of Steel.

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This is why there is such a high rate of suicide in adults that were abused as children. I watched the A&E episode on The Children of God last night. The suicides in past members of this cult was at approx.100. Very sad. https://www.aetv.com/shows/cults-and-extreme-belief

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Did you see this article on Rose McGowan? It fits in with our discussion about them pushing this gender neutral society. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-6001469/Rose-McGowans-new-mystery-partner-identified-non-binary-gender-model-Rain-Dove.html

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i think it helps just to continue the conversation because someone could read this now and like 5 years from now know they arent going crazy ...

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Anyone who knows the truth knows that all major news sources like Fox are controlled by Jewish interests. You never get true information from Jews. At best you get limited hangouts. At worst you get pure fake news. So anyone promoting this either doesn't know that or is a shill knowingly promoting disinformation. Are there shills on Voat? Is the Pope Catholic?

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Is the Pope a child molester? IS the Catholic church one gigantic pedo haven? Are Muslims kid-fuckers?

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