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also involved with the CF


Children's Safe Drinking Water: Hope for Haiti

Commitment by The Ups Foundation, Population Services International, Partners In Health, Procter & Gamble

In 2008, Procter & Gamble committed to contribute PUR purifier water packets to Partners in Health to provide almost 50,000 people with access to safe drinking water.

P&G has acquired the 500,000 packets from Populaton Services International. UPS Foundation further committed to provide free delivery of these packets to Port Au Prince, Haiti.

Somehow I don't think this will end too well for the Children. PUR Water Packets. What was in them?

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Yesterday reporters were allowed to take photos of the inside of the facility, thank you to @adaya for this information:


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Nice research. Ty

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Great work! PIE = Pedo Information Exchange

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Talking about logistics.. Why isnt therr updates on research that should be done on connecticut avenue..which is a concentrated hub of logistics from procurement ..shipping company connections of JA anx besta pizza

...child prostitution ...at comet pizza

...kill rooms ....snuff movies...at pegasus and comet ping pong..

Disposal and delivery ...with coffin business of scott cummings

That whole street should have an owls eye permenantly attached to it...

This forum was started based on that ...yet conspicuously it fails to address research that will fill JA and Killton crowd with fear and terror...they visit that on innocent children ..why cant we..

Maybe VoatisCia can comment ..

If u want to see the shills here shiver ...then travel back to connecticut avenue ..the logistics there seems to be so well entrained that they would not want to dismantle it .. ..hence it would seem logical for them to divert attentiin away from connecticut avenue.. ..All roads lead to connecticut avenue..

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164,767,913.00 in government grants in 2013. On a total "revenue" of 165,204,842.



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This is very solid stuff. It could indicate that local law enforcement is complicit, leading all the way to the granting entities into the Federal agency which manages the program.

US Department of Health & Human Services (vast cesspool of worthless programs) / Administration for Children & Families / Office of Refugee Resettlement. Check out whose budget took some serious whacks: 2016 2017 2018 Unaccompanied Alien Children 948 1,396 948 -448

Source: https://www.hhs.gov/about/budget/fy2018/budget-in-brief/acf/discretionary/index.html

Oh so interesting: http://www.swkey.org/news/senator_merkley/

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The overwhelming majority of UPS employees and leadership are surely innocent, yet we all have a feeling babies and children are sometimes shipped in boxes.

Well yes, they probably are but they either have it blocked off in another area so no one sees anything or people are just too darn frightened to snitch. This is the problem, the stuff they do is so scary you just know people are scared out of their minds.

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I agree, people are too afraid to tell. And yes, boxes blocked off in another area. And your comment made me think of this: CIA black ops operatives working there, whose memories of some things at work are "blocked off" into another part of their mind.

Also the CIA and the FBI might have many people working there who do remember what (potentially) goes on, both black hats and white hats, who knows

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There are Black CIA sites in all Large Cities. They are pulling off all kinds of really vile and sick things there. Homan Square in Chicago is one. Who knows? Maybe they get UPS deliveries there too. Or from Amazon. Also Fed EX and I remember reading that Google has Storage Container Barges and that one was going to dock at a shut down Army Base. There is a lot of this going on all over the place. They have been at this and organizing it for years. All kinds of Foundations and Organizations. Everyone of their friends has one.

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CIA does not have white hats. How could they? Think about it. FBI has some. The ones tasked with solving crimes not done by the cabal. But they are lower level. The FBI is trash overall however. They quashed the Finders cult investigations, covered for the state and agencies during 9/11 and murder people just like the CIA. Look into Jonathan Luna. They also are involved in False flags like 1st world trade center bombing, Oklahoma city bombing to name a few.

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More like they have certain people in place in facilities. Doubt the control all of UPS, but management and key employees are likely theirs.

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Yes, I agree, they have their people, the ones they know they can control and will follow orders. What a job.

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I know many people who have worked for UPS who I know are not aware that children are being shipped via UPS. Maybe there is a special crew used only for that purpose.

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Oh, I believe that to be true. They have their own people, for this is a very dangerous prospect, also if they are seen, they know they will have to dispose of that person. They cannot afford to be discovered. By now, they are awfully good at it.

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Like they would just ship them any ole way. Of course. If that is a method they are using. Tunnel system is also likely.

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