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Great find! And he talks about how her pimp calls her 'chicken'.

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Is chicken code for something?

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Pedos are called Chicken Lovers or Chicken Hawks.

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Young, vulnerable potential victim.

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Chicken is not code. It's slang.

It's like a sleazier version of jailbait. A chicken is defenseless against a chickenhaw.k

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Yeah, this was one of the earliest undeniable food code confirmations we found -- he calls her a piece of chicken, just like Alefantis' Instagram # Chickenlover pics.

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I think chicken has been around forever, for gays.

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This is not code at all. It's a metaphor. Chicken Hawks are predators and prey on chickens. This is slang going back decades.

It's more similar to a stool pigeon or a canary. It's not coded, but widely known.

It's also not food related. Chicken as in cow, not chicken as in beef. Chickenhawks are not working the poultry aisle.

A chick, of course, has been slang for a girl forever.

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"code", "symbol", and "metaphor" all have overlapping connotations

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Who said anything about "chickenhawks", AWS? Cummings said "Chickenlover" about a pic of him holding CarisJames with beads around their necks.

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https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=kxmPzFQe63w&t=103s :

Taxi Driver 1976_the talk between Travis and Iris - YouTube

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Thanks Ian. Interestingly, this is the film that triggered (MK Ultra?) John Hinckley Jr. to shoot the POTUS on March 30, 1981.

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Oh, so Hinckley shot President Reagan because he was "crazy" in love with an actress, and it had nothing to do with him and his family being long time neighbors and best friends to Ex CIA Director Bush and current Vice President Bush.

Not like voodoo economics Bush would have become the most powerfull person in the world had his neighbor succeeded. Just coincidence, like his grandfather's attempted coup.

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Shocked somebody with your screen name would give truth.

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I cannot post my own thread because I do not have 10 CC but here is what I have so far.

Recently a center called the "El Pueblo Boys and Girls Ranch" was shut down due to children being underfed and abused. Not much else has taken place from the story, the news was reporting on this, but did not have enough money to fund proper research.

This was all exposed by one woman. The real kicker is that Judges, DA's, and also the well-renowned and accused pedophile, Jeffrey Claude Bartleson was involved with the El Pueblo Boys and Girls Ranch . Bartleson was also responsible for writing the book,* The Pedophile's Guide to Love and Pleasure: A Child-lover's Code of Conduct*.

When you look at the Governing Board of El Pueblo Boys and girls ranch, you can see that lead detective in Pueblo, Eric Bravo served on the board.

GCC Ready Mix (who acquired Cemex in 2016) sits in Pueblo's backyard, along the I-25 Corridor.

Further investigation leads to a Comic Book Store, right next to a Potica store (w/ possible Pedo Logo) and a nightclub. The Comic book store is secured by a barbed wire fence, connected to a large facility, with a garage and house, right across the street from a tire store. This could be ironic, no leads on this yet, but it could prove to be something.

Google Street the locations, address is 421-US Bus. 50 Pueblo, Colorado

Link Google street view is acting strange as well, once you go to the Potica store and see the symbolic swirl, you can see the Comic Book store has been painted, and once you go to the comic book store on Google Street view, the paint is not there yet.

I also feel like the "Loves" gas station (w/ heart logos) is somehow involved in all of this, recently I had talked w/ nurses from Pueblo, Colorado who stated that the Loves in Pueblo, Colorado is the most trafficked location in Colorado. Loves is situated in the same parking lot as a dispensary called, "Strawberry Fields"

Any help in uncovering this would be great.

This website also has useful information

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'It Takes a Village' -Hillary Clinton

'In Haiti, she took an number of them' -Trump

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Definitely strange that the lead detective would be on the board. Since he was a boy lover maybe so is the detective? Comic shops tend to have more boy than girl customers, but not sure how you came up the comic shop in the first place. That bar a block down around the corner had an interesting sign with the dancing lady with flames. What kind of neighborhood is this anyways(black, hispanic, honky)?

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I drove through this town and thought the Potica Shop w/ the symbol, next to a nightclub, next a comic book store w/ encampment were strange. This neighborhood is predominately hispanic and caucasian, but also a mixed race of people.

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I wonder what she feels like when having to be in the same room with him now.

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Jodie Foster is one of them...

take that to the bank

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Oh yes and amount of rape must have been epic. This is what they do to really screw kids up and then it lasts a lifetime. Takes many decades to recover, if ever. There are so many of these child victims there will be many more suicides coming. Either to end the pain or to shut them up.

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oh yeah, remember how sexualised she was in Bugsy Malone. Shes been brought up in that world of predators I bet shes so disconnected from reality she enables the predators now.

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"Suicides"? There will be more coming for sure.

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There have been many and I just wonder how many we, all of us never thought about until recently. They have been doing this for quite some time.

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While in New York for pre-production and cast meetings, Schrader was moping in a bar late one night when he picked up a young woman. We’ll let him tell the story, as he told it to Film Comment in 1975: “I was shocked by my success until we got back to my hotel and I realized that she was: (1) a hooker; (2) underage; and (3) a junkie. Well, at the end of the night I sent Marty [Scorsese] a note saying, ‘Iris is in my room. We’re having breakfast at nine. Will you please join us?’ So we came down, Marty came down, and a lot of the character of Iris was rewritten from this girl who had a concentration span of about 20 seconds. Her name was Garth.” '

So the writer admits he spent the night with an underage junkie hooker. It all sounds less than innocent, especially back in the 70's.


(Claims Jodie Foster was protected even from hearing bad language on the set:

'Though she was only 12 years old when the movie was filmed, Foster was one of the most experienced actors in the cast, having appeared in dozens of TV shows and a handful of movies (including Scorsese’s Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore). Nonetheless, with material as rough as Taxi Driver, her youth outweighed her experience, and the producers had her meet with someone from California’s child welfare department to make sure she was mature enough to handle it. A welfare worker supervised her scenes and Foster’s older sister, Connie, was hired as her body double for some of the sexier and/or more violent shots. Foster said that the welfare worker “saw the daily rushes of all my scenes and made sure I wasn't on the set when Robert De Niro said a dirty word.” ')

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A young star like Jodie Foster's opinion of men was made by the slime she met while in the acting business. Too bad she never met a normal man.

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In case you're wondering, sister Connie is 7 years older, so 19 at the time.

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Okay, but why?