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I would wager most if not all celebrities are involved with some fucked up sex trafficking shit. I would wager most if not all high-level politicians are too.

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I think i understand what tempts them

your rich, powerful and in the public eye. ambitious people usually also have a high sex drive. But who can you fuck without seeing them 6 months later in some shitty tabloid magaine, taking $100 k to blab "I fucked so-and-so & he doesnt care about his wife"


so who are you going to fuck? Even an adult prostitute who decides she's going to retire from the game can blow her discretion for the big media money, right?

so these people, rather than have the integrity to zip their pants, they need prostitutes who are ESPECIALLY discreet. ones that have no sense of personal power. Ones that are terrified to think of telling anyone. Ones that have not the life skills & agency to put themselves into hiding

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Add narcissism to the mix and the fact that to be really successful, they have to join the club.

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It's worse than that. They are deviants. Odd spin you just put on things.

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They are all initiates of Kabbalah/Masonic orders.

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Child molesting asshole cuck

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He fucks animals openly...you think children are off the table?

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Can I get a quick rundown?

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As @Are_we_sure says "by that you mean black women?" That's a bit over the top and out of place in this subverse and got us into a disgusting discussion of zoophilia.

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Whos voices are the loudest?. Q.. I think your on to something MolochHunter. I think Deniro is throwing his sex toys out of the pram because of GEOTUS Trump, The first thing Trump did was disrupt Saudi Arabia, who just happend to have a member of the House of Saud involved in the same pedo scandal that Deniro was caught up in.. coincidence?

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The The Heat Is On — Glenn Frey | Last.fm "The Heat Is On" is a song written by Harold Faltermeyer and Keith Forsey, and recorded by Glenn Frey for the 1984 American film "Beverly Hills Cop". The song was published as a single and as the fourth track of the 1984 album "Beverly Hills Cop: Music from the Motion Picture Soundtrack". Search domain www.last.fmhttps://www.last.fm/music/Glenn+Frey/_/The+Heat+Is+On Glen was the guitarist for Don Henly, who is a clintonite.Paint by numbers = someone knows something.

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The Night Roman Polanski Raped 13-Year-Old Samantha Gailey, He Met With Robert De Niro https://twitter.com/joshdcaplan/status/1006185389437210624

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things that make u go hmmmmmm

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You mean that guy who would have be pardoned by Hillary? I got some Polish friends. I will ask them.

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I-It's okay, bros. He's an Artist. Artists are allowed to engage in taboo activities...it like, totally helps them tune their artistic process and um...really...understand the...um..human condition!

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And specially constructed subterranean rooms built for complicated art exhibits...

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Six people are charged with the running of an international prostitution ring, whose call-girls entertained the actor Robert de Niro, the former tennis player, Wojtek Fibak, two senior (but unnamed) French politicians and several Gulf princes. The agency specialised in tricking, or trapping, star-struck teenage girls into selling their bodies with the promise of careers as models or actresses.

tricking or trapping star struck Teenage GIRLS!!!

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BLACK teenage girls at that, Carm. He has a very specific type..

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Yes, because to them they don't count. Use and abuse. Then call them tramps. That's how it goes.

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I found another 1998 John Lichfield Independent article about the trial, deNiro admitted having sex with Bourgeois's girls, but denied paying for it.

The ages aren't specified but 'In France, current laws criminalize sex with children under the age of 15 but prosecutors must prove that the sexual act was forced'.


'Nadia M. was 20 years old when she fell into the silken trap extended by Bourgeois in 1996. A pathetically thin French girl of Moroccan origin, she told the court that she was a shop assistant, living in a welfare hostel, when spotted by one of the photographer's friends.'

'Nadia said she was "presented" soon afterwards to Robert De Niro but nothing happened'

'[Judge] N'Guyen was also ticked off by the public prosecutor's office - with some justice - for his highly publicised "arrest" of Robert De Niro in Paris, early this year. De Niro, who was never more than a witness in the case, admitted having sex with girls presented by Bourgeois, but denied paying for their services.'


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nice find

hows that are_we_sure narrative holding up?

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AWS is my most fave troll, but provides such a wide, fat, soft target it takes all the fun out of shooting him/her down...

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