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This is great because it provides no context to what Howie said. People will have to look up what it's referring to.

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exactly... Streisand effect

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The article glosses it over without any digging into Howie’s comment. Unsurprisingly, Trump is blamed for everything.

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Isnt that total bullshit? While I am not a huge fan of Trump but that sneaky ass whataboutism is such bullshit we are on to you CREEPY JOE!! No one but this article and you deflecting mentioned Trump. Our eyes are on you!!

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I hope Howie has a good security system at his home.

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Lets get a prayer chain going for him he IS A CHAMPION FOR KIDS and HERO of the cause!! We are praying for you PGH!!

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@Oh_Well_ian, I will give the post the 'Share' flair.

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McCain connection to Biden, (like we already did not know.) Hard to call Howie a shill right now. How he got the money for the premium tickets? What business of it is theirs? They don't control the IRS like before, and people freely donate to him. Not to be confused with Bear Stearns trader Howie Rubin 'raped and beat women ... Former Bear Stearns trader Howie Rubin, ... Prince Charles is asked to give a witness statement to inquiry into paedophile bishop who he knew and exchanged letters with Search domain www.dailymail.co.ukdailymail.co.uk/news/article-5046477/Top-investment-f

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Didn't Joe gift Obama a children's friendship bracelet with a pizza charm as well?

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I'm sure Biden doesn't really give a fuck if someone tries to out him. He's been doing the outing himself by putting his hands all over little girls in front of the camera. He's a blackmailed protected pedophile who might be President in 2020. You guys don't understand the real world we live in.

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He will not be president.

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He believes the national culture is starting to shift about sexual issues to make it clear that a woman must give consent to sex.

But KIDS will be totally horrified and frozen in fear unable to speak up in defense of themselves much less give consent. Yeah a real chmpion for the cause of women there Joe!! We DONT NEED YOUR DEFENSE JOE PLEASE SAVE IT FOR ANOTHER CAUSE..we are all sold out on crazy predator thank you!!

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