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God Bless That Sheriff Giving the Press conference In the video. I have Become So accustomed To Sheriffs Acting in the Deepstate School play, That I was literally taken aback by This press conference.

He starts off by ensuring that the media Can't spin this.

He also Places blame on Federal governments Across the country while Calling Out The "activists" fighting for the rights of these sick fucks..

He also draws attention to the fact that 11 arrested... WHere basically allowed To commit these crimes. They all should have been in jail from previous crimes... but the deepstate Vouched for them and Basically are at fault for the crimes they commited after being released with slaps on the wrist.

I'm not saying this Sheriff Is perfect... I Know nothing about him, Other than what I've seen in this press conference. But In this press Conference He bravely exposes aspects that need to be exposed. Again, That Shouldn't deserve praise... That's simply what they should do everytime. But they don't. There are a lot of sheriffs that wouldn't say any of the things this man said in this video. Which Is why this specific sheriff From paulk county Fl, Deserves a lot of support and Credit for what he's doing.


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THe whole mess needs to be shut down and their IP made public. Their properties sold at auction to support their victims.


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https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=x7AgKHk1UyY :


https://archive.fo/DSj5P :

Disney workers arrested in 'To Catch A Predator'-style child sex stings | Daily Mail Online

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Notice how they picked the losers who even LOOK like pervs. This is called limited hangout. This is done to protect the chief of police, the governor, the mayor, the DA, and the rest of the pedos who look like decent people. The ones with titles in front of their names, and degrees after their names.


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Isn't your news wire fake news site?

I'm not a fan of Disney, my children have never watched any of their television and only a few of their movies. I always thought they sexualized their children too much on shows and portrayed them as having to contend with issues that were not age appropriate, encouraging early sexual relationships as well as risk exposures.

Went to Disney world with them when I only had two and they were seven and eight. None of us could stand the insane crowds, waiting, for the content. They literally asked leave after waiting in line for an hour for a five minute ride.

I don't understand the blind obsession the public has with them, I don't understand how they don't see the unrealistic things Disney teaches, I don't understand how full grown adults fan girl over them.

I have neighbors who have Disney crap all over their vehicles and go every year spending thousands of dollars, not including all the Disney paraphernalia they collect. In all seriousness they even had the mom and two daughters with manicures and pedicures of Mickey mouse in preparation of it. The brain washing is mind boggling.

I guess the news of pedos there never reaches them. I dunno. You try to tell them things like this and you're the one who is weird.


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If you have enough money to go there and risk your lives in "Areas to avoid

What about the most dangerous places, those with high crime rates? Here are some areas you might want to avoid in Orlando. No. 1 is the west side of Interstate 4 in downtown Orlando. This crime-ridden section is located in a diamond-shaped area between I-4 and 408. While there are a few residents in this area who are there because they moved in before the neighborhood became what it is today, it is common for muggings, robberies, drug deals and more to occur here. It is an area populated with prostitutes, drug addicts and gang members. This area reaches into the sections called Carver Shores and Pine Hills, known to locals as "Crime Hills". A wrong turn around Universal Studios just three miles down Kirkman Road can put you directly into the middle of Pine Hills. Another wrong turn off Kirkman near Universal in the other direction can put you into the second most dangerous area.), then by all means rent your bulletproof glass shielded car with extra cans of pedo-spray.