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Interesting thats she tweets about this showing that

  1. She is aware of it despit US msm not reporting on it

  2. Claiming it fake news and hailing it pizzagate2.0 is a calculated motive to discredit it

  3. Including trafficking hotline numbers to further promote her image of innocence and virtue

  4. Uses an article which paints it as a conspiracy when she could have used this UK article instead -

Her twitter feed also shows she was in UK recording for the bbc radio show radio 4. Perhaps that's why she came across said article. Or perhaps she was asked by corrupt bbc partners to promote pizzagate2.0 as a wild conspiracy. Btw the US Daily Mail also reported on the trafficking camps but thej removed the article.


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Daughter of rhodes scholar..these deep state activities r run from london...hence the quick reaction.. Refer able danger..research on london criminality...seller of satanic mills weaving their black arts acrooss the planet