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The right to "choose" gender is pedo grooming children starting in kindergarten. The sexual connotation is obvious. And if no one can say what gender they "choose" to be, who can tell them when or with whom to or what age they engage in sexual behavior? All Satanism is introduced by degree, just like Freemasonry. In this case it is starting when children are totally incapable of even understanding the decisions. The mantra of the pedophiles is, "8 is too late." By that they mean too late to inflict lifelong irreparable damage on children. They know exactly what they are doing. Sadly, parents do not know, or just don't care.


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Great post, thank you. This is the reality we are facing and we need to stay firm in advocating AGAINST pedosadism. Look at Nathan Larson, the Virginia accountant running for congress, who is pro pedophilia, incest and marital rape... what is being conveyed here when someone like this is trying to get into a position of power publically. Pedosadist normalization is evident every time a criminal child rapist and exploiter in power get basically months in jail and even time served/house arrest, and then continue to work in gov. through private contracting. What about those who sell a plant that get decades behind bars. We need to be very vocal and mobilize aginst this agenda of normalization, because if we consent to it, we will be defeated by evil and our children will be in even more danger... and it will be LEGAL!


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High praise coming from you, Honeybee. Thank you for your sterling work and research. God bless!


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Reminds me of the last days leading to the Fall of Rome


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I used to say that western civilisation was circling the drain, but at this stage I think we're in the u-bend!


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https://archive.fo/l8PXx :

Parents should ask their baby's permission before changing dirty nappy, sexuality expert says | The Independent

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Honestly it wouldn't be that hard to normalize it. What I would do is start off by saying to parents that times have changed for our children and show a chart or two that show the incidence of inappropriate sexual contact with minors is on the rise over time. This single line on a chart would include all forms of molestation, rape and even consensual sex between teenagers under the age of consent. I'd say that it used to be that a person had to have major contact with the child in a private setting such as a relative being a baby sitter but these days there's more incidents happening in parks, outside shops, at the local beach or pool and even teachers are increasingly being caught engaging in sexual activity with their students. As such we need to teach the children from a young age at least the basics of what inappropriate touching is so they can report molestation, know that rape isn't them performing an act of love or pleasure, etc.

Now with everyone thinking of the children and not wanting to seem racist by suggesting it's typically muzzies having sexual emergencies what I'd do is introduce basic classes in kindergarten to make sure the kids know the difference between a good touch and bad touch while explaining that it feels good for adults but is inappropriate for children. At that point curiosity will take over which will lead to them playing with themselves.

A year or two later their education would include animal reproduction where they learn that a penis goes in a vagina and that in nature only some animals show consent. I'd explain how birds sing and dance, how some creatures like fish build elaborate displays to attract a mate, some fight for control of a group of females, etc. and say humans are animals to and detail how a baby is made. I would make them take a test on this which they would have to pass to pass that grade or be forced to repeat that year.

Now the fucked part. Once they pass that grade, say year 1, a now 6-7 year old child would know what consent is and what the consequences are with passing that grade as proof enough so all that needs to be argued then is that children deserve the same rights and freedoms as adults starting with something real basic like the right to work a job like delivering the local paper, earning a wage while working at their family business, etc. Once children get recognized as having the same rights and responsibilities like taxation on their income as the rest of us you can move it up to lowering the voting age and their sexuality beginning with transgender drugs and outright sex change surgery. Once you take away the parents right to object and promise children autonomy over their lives by being able to vote against their parents all it'll take is a test case with someone point at their loli's passing grade and them on the stand saying they knew exactly what they were doing, already had sexual contact with other people and consented with the older person as well and all of a sudden the age of consent for an individual will be lowered to that passing grade.

In short if you love your children and they propose any kind of sexual awareness in their primary school remove them immediately.


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They are already trying with the drag queen reading classes and the trans law in Canada that lets them take children from their parents.

However I'm pretty sure this is going to lead to revolution.

You might like our movement: /v/EmergencyNation


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There was a Scifi movie about kids rising up and taking control of the government. Voting age was lowered to 12. I wish I remembered the name of it. At the end, all old people (over age 30) were sent to extermination camps.


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And defend against indoctrination.


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“the BBC (the world's only publicly funded paedophile ring):”

This needs to be a t-shirt or a meme. Print it on a giant blimp and float it over London 24/7. Free advertising.


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This is the shit they don’t think about. “Hi, I’m Chris Hansen.”, the other guy,” ok. I’m the guy you just set up. I’m also the guy who just pulled a 9mm and put it in your mouth. I’m going to jail, so I might as well be famous.” They, the jewish media, who have such a big hardon for ratings, don’t give to fucks about him. Shit, they want someone to kill him on live TV. Why? Ratings. They’ll sell more adverts. They are sick fucking things (I can’t call them humans because they aren’t.) They are jews who hate Americans. They are vile.

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