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Oh fuck it all. I'm getting tired of the Oy Vey the Jews did it. It's fucking divide and conquer at its finest. Jews are just more visible because they're in professions that highbrow gentiles disdain like acting and lawyering and working in trade (merchants) Jews do the bidding of the ultra rich.

I'm with you on the subject of divided loyalty with dual citizenship and politicians, but I don't think jews should be the only perps on your radar. That being said, I hate jews who worship the almighty sheckel. People like kissinger destroyed our country and deserve to hang. However, I don't think Bilderburg is exclusively Jews.

Edit: Bilderberg.

Edit: Yes, I'm waiting for the downvotes. You can't think for yourself can you?

Edit: I am NOT DEFENDING Jewish banksters or the Fed or Israel. I am just pointing out the obvious.


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I used to think the same so I tried to find a counter argument. A jew who has lived selflessly and stood or spoken on behalf of another without compensation.

I was left with the idea that they simply don't function with compassion. Jews created the psychological industry, so I believe they are best to describe the ailments they create. What better way to divert attention away from yourself being a psychopath than to bring the very term to the world?

Sometimes we are forced to see things in the world we would rather not, but that doesn't mean those things don't exist. Acceptance and understanding are key elements to survival. Suppression and dismissal allow for manipulation and the Jew feeds on that manipulation alone.


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You have a valid point. There are plenty of bad guys here. Also, plenty of decent Jews. MS 13 aren’t Jewish. Raniere (I think) isn’t Jewish. The Saudis aren’t Jewish. People don’t have to be Jewish to be into witchcraft or satanism. Isn’t Abramovic in the Order of Malta (Catholic)?

This isn’t identity politics. This is about victims and individual perpetrators. We should hold these people accountable as individuals. Our enemies would love it if we go buck wild and turn int a bigoted mob witch hunt.

Let’s not do that.