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Johnson last Monday completed a one-year prison sentence in Cambodia for sexually abusing five boys who were in his care at an orphanage he had operated there, according to multiple media reports and the anti-pedophile group Action pour les Enfants, which is based in

More than a decade ago, Johnson was accused in Oregon of molesting three children in his sister’s care. But Lincoln County prosecutors dismissed sexual abuse and sodomy charges in the case after investigators began to doubt the alleged victims’ statements, according to a 2003 article in the Yamhill Valley News-Register. The article described Johnson as a part-time missionary and said he was arrested at an airport upon returning from a trip to Asia.

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arrested at an airport upon returning from a trip to Asia

Trip to Asia? One guess as to what he was doing?

And, of course, prosecutors doubted the children's stories. Children love to make up sodomy/abuse stories about their uncle. Favorite pastime of kids is getting their relatives locked up.

Thanks for this and it's what @carmencita was talking about. Oregon is morally bankrupt. They can get up in arms about calling thugs that will kill/torture anything that movies, but pedos? Hey, just give them a Get Out of Jail Free pass! I'm only surprised that the prosecutor in that first case didn't blame the children for coming onto Johnson and saying the sex was consensual.

I'm sure that'll be coming next year.

Thanks again.

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Oregon has a very interesting history. Thomas Jefferson planned with German jewish immigrant fur trader John Jacob Astor to develop Northwest trade ports first, in order to establish a China trade (including opium) with America. The central U.S. regions would be developed later. The original plans to establish a major trading post in Oregon was a bit of a failure, however, Astor's men managed to establish the beginnings of a trade port which was named Astoria in his honor. It still exists today. Astor planned and directed the operation from New York and hired two crews: one would follow an overland trail all the way to the coast, and the other would sail around South America all the way up to the meeting place now called Astoria. The overland team followed some of Lewis and Clark's trails, but they forged some of there own to get to the Oregon coast. This became known as the Oregon Trail, and many East Coasters were encouraged to settle there. This land was wild and far from the morals of the established church. Many involved in the China trade also were slave traders. I am sure this early foundation has contributed to the current corrupt culture. Here is an interesting and related article:

"How the 'Satanic Panic' shaped 1980s Oregon, sparking 'repressed memory' claims and murder" http://www.oregonlive.com/history/2018/02/how_a_nationwide_panic_about_d.html

I highly recommend this book on the founding of Astoria, Oregon: Astoria: John Jacob Astor and Thomas Jefferson's Lost Pacific Empire: A Story of Wealth, Ambition, and Survival

In conclusion, Jacob Astor managed to make a fortune selling West Coast sea otter pelts to the Chinese. He parlayed this fortune into real estate and became a land baron/developer of Manhattan Is. His grandson, John Jacob Astor lll, owned the property under the Empire State building. His son Waldorf used some of his inherited property to build the Waldorf Hotel. His cousin, not to be outdone, built the Astoria hotel next door. In order to increase profits, they decided to merge the hotels into the iconic Waldorf Astoria Hotel. Cousin John Jacob Astor lV went down on the Titanic while returning from a European honeymoon with his new second wife. Many conspiracy theories surround this event. He supposedly was funding Nikola Teslas work on free wireless energy. J.P. Morgan, who was also trying to control Tesla's work, had personally invited Astor to sail on the Titanic's maiden voyage. There is much more on the Astor family. Worth researching.

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Oregon is morally bankrupt.

Agreed, and Oregon is a beautiful place, which leads me to another pattern. Why is it that all of these disgusting individuals seem to settle in the most beautiful places such as Florida, California, etc. Is this part of the plan? To make the most beautiful places as disgusting as they are? It truly seems this is the case. They want to ruin every part of God's creation that is serene, beautiful, and innocent with their disgusting acts. They are hell bent on making everything a cess pool, visually, emotionally, and figuratively.

Plus, to call them animals is an insult to all animals. I know for a fact that daddy rabbits will not mount their young and will herd them to safety if danger lurks.

What we're dealing with are subhumans, monsters, and parasites. The lowest of low. Animals are so above them, it's incomprehensible.

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Children love to make up sodomy/abuse stories about their uncle.

Yeah, that's what they talk about during their school lunch hour and swap stories. Where do they hear this stuff from anyways? Uh Hmm maybe their uncle?

I read a letter from an abused daughter, who was abused by her grandfather. The mother never forgave the daughter for snitching on her grandfather. So why would these kids want to

snitch on their relative knowing probably no one would believe them. It would take a lot for those kids to come forward with this. People need to stop blaming kids for the crimes of adults.

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I took it as after he got busted in Oregon, it went to Asia, got busted, served a year there, and when released, he headed home where they got him at airport


These States, Missing Persons Cases Are Piling Up

Like Alaska, Oregon is renowned for miles of sprawling forests and high mountains. It has another thing in common with Alaska: its high number of missing persons. This includes a “ridiculous” number of missing kids

One particular eerie spot in Oregon is Crater Lake, located in the Cascade Range of Southwest Oregon. Made up of pure rainwater lying in the crater of a dormant volcano, the lake and surrounding area are known to be a hotbed for bizarre disappearances. One such case was that of 8-year-old Samuel Boehlke on Oct. 14, 2006. The boy, who had mild autism, walked away from his father at a scenic overlook and

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Hey, thanks so much.

Look forward to viewing.

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I believe many many monsters hide in churches and not just the Catholic Church. Most churches run kids programs, youth events ect and it draws the pervs.

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Very true.

And I did do a submission on the Dalai Lama and how he ties into the NXIVM and how Buddhism is involved with child molestation.

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another fake missionary front thats where the smoke is and these "kid" orgs tied into mega wealthy jews/zionists.

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If you mean Satanists, yes. These are not Christians.

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yep and they organize infiltration to take over they did it long ago, commies, zionists at the top. Bella Dodd was right they weaseled in I've seen enough they warped doctrines, watered down beliefs inverted them disallowed traditional teaching. Fuck we have been subverted, time for some counter striking.

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Funny... They never mention the denomination of church he was a missionary for...

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Probably of an offshot of NAMBLA.

I'm so disgusted.

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I know missionaries come in different flavors, but the two denominations that come to mind are Catholic and Mormon churches... Both well known for protecting abusers.

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In some states it is a crime when you are a person of power as a priest, policeman, nun, teacher, etc when committing these crimes. I hope they tack it on if there is. I will be amazed if he goes to jail since Oregon is turning into a cesspool. Let Us Pray.

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Yeah, my heart sank when I saw Oregon. Probably will commute the sentence to an overnight stay ... and then give him an apology to boot.

I love the idea of tacking on time for being in an authoritative position and using that position to commit these types of crimes.

Human excrement.

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Very much agree. Maybe he will get a trip on a slow boat to China. On a yacht. I need to see some severe punishment coming out of Oregon.