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Looks like Oregon (especially Portland) and Washington State are turning into Pedo Havens. These pics are just Beyond Horrid.. This is A Come On to Pedos. A beckoning finger, if you will. Sizzle seems to be doing well. They have more locations Thanks for Having Eyes and checking this place out. It gives me the shivers In the pic with the girl and the yellow birds, aside from the eyes, notice the hand signs.

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they aren't "turning into" pedo havens, they started that way. I proved it in one of my many stellar exposes, complete with plausible tunnel network that OP can investigate if he is at all serious: https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/2118439

The big West Coast cities were dominated by Jewish wholesalers/traders who immediately entered local politics, established Masonic lodges, and developed crime networks. As they have all throughout history. Did you notice the owner of this shop is Jewish?

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Nope. None of that stuff is rational. You have to be somewhat demented to put out that kind of "art". There is way too much to question imo.

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Excellent find, OP, and well researched!

@Vindicator @EricKaliberhall @ben_matlock @Honeybee_ @swordfish69

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Welcome. :-)

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Mods should flag security on this one. Be careful with those links goats.

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Great work I'm convinced so how would a pedo order a child in these places? Are there code words to use what if they have some teenager working after school and he does not know what the pedo is talking about? The owner would know but probably not all the part time employees unless they don't have any teens working after school or on weekends. How do they advertise to pedos in the area do they look for the satanic symbols I guess they have to.

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I'm telling you goats it goes far deeper. What about the vacation rentals and homes that are only occupied 2 weeks out of the entire year? It would make perfect sense that the elites vacation on the otegon/Washington coast in multi million dollar homes. Who would even think of any pedophilia going on or even bother checking what sort if children they are able to smuggle in? Look into who owns mortgage companies, and real estate around these states and I bet there are ties to be found.

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Nice work! I shared my hypothesis about the meaning of "Pizza" in the original Reddit pizzagate. But they were really pushing the one decode that claimed that pizza is code for pedophilia. They also stated that "walnut sauce" meant a black person; when we've since learned that it's more likely adrenochrome.

Anyway, I believe that "Pizza" is code for Satanic sex magic and that "Cheese Pizza" is the same, specifically regarding the torture of children.

I also believe that part of these rituals is to force cannibalism upon their victims and the general public (see the photos of children eating, almost as though it's pornography). That's some serious magick!

I think that the event, alluded to by Qanon, which will put 90% in the hospital is when it's revealed that all of us have consumed human flesh, and probably on a regular basis, (including vegans, in the form of vegetarian sausage which has been found to contain human DNA).

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So do you think the horse meat scandal was the elite testing the waters? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2013_horse_meat_scandal

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Maybe. It seems as though we are becoming more and more desensitized to adulterated food. Very much of what we eat is not what we believe it to be. And, especially in the US, there is a lot of secrecy to hide the unethical and corrupt practices of commercial agriculture.

The various examples of using human cells for flavorants, and human DNA found in many products, serves to further muddy the waters.

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The cheaper the hamburger the higher percentage of human , more Yemenis or Syrian DNA lately i suppose. 👶 +🍴 = 🍕

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