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The things you find are amazing. I know Dionne was involved in the occult psychic world so I looked. http://www.thestillman.com/stillmanfiles/2012/02/whitney-houston-dionne-warwick-and-the-magical-connection/

I was totally unaware that Warwick had been involved with Seagram heir Edgar Bronfman Jr., the grandson of Samuel Bronfman, of the fabulously wealthy Canadian Jewish BRONFMAN family. This is a very intriguing connection indeed, for the BRONFMANS made their fortune peddling bootleg liquor during the Prohibition era, according to the book, Dope Inc. The book also states that the BRONFMANS have connections to organized crime in Canada and in the United States.

Interestingly, Warwick is not the only black female Edgar has been involved with, and through one of his relationships, Bronfman has had an influence on black public education in the United States.

Also found this interesting:

These things should concern us. I don’t believe for one minute that Dionne Warwick’s Psychic Friends connection was solely financially motivated any more than I believe that her affiliation with the animal rights movement is purely out of concern for animals. And if you’ve read our articles on the Animal Rights Movement, then you know that there is a New Age connection between the Animal Rights Movement, the occult, and the New World Order.

I certainly do think there was something at play here. The occult seems to figure in with the family. Also in her Wiki it mentioned she lived many years in Brazil.

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Wow. The Bronfman connection is a surprise.

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Surprise Indeed. I am still in shock. Never expected that name to pop up with her name. Now what? Idk. Look into it I guess. Could just end right there.

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It looks like the Bronfman's and NXIVM, Hollywood, Music Industry etc.... might be mafia related. It's obvious that they were "protected" for years. Perhaps they were also using SRA and MK Ultra to control people. And is this how the Clinton's are involved with NXIVM too?

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Yep I am sure that's how Hill and Bill are involved. Her dad started out as a small timer with Capone. That's how they learned the rat lines. They just took them over.

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Oh yes, I read in one of the reports that Seagrams is hooked up with the mafia. Also I remember @Wisconsin_Is_Corrupt telling me over and over that the cheese industry and liquor industry are both controlled by the mafia. Just about everything is, I suppose. Prostitution, Trafficking, Drugs, etc.

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Bronfman Jr was married to a black woman by the name of Sherry Brewer

she is the mother of Benjamin Brewer who was engaged to MIA

found this article where Benjamin was named as a Bronfman


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Does everyone remember how her daughter died the complete exact same way. It’s so obvious to people like us that it was a sacrifice, but others truly believe it was a coincidence. How easy it is fool the public.

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Bronfman.... as in Sara Bronfman NXIVM cult?

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A member of the board of directors of the firm since 1988, Bronfman formerly served as executive vice president, U.S. operations, for both companies. In this role, he directed all spirits and wine cooler activities in the United States, supervised all marketing efforts for Tropicana Products, Inc., and with the president of Seagram International, directed the integration of Martell S. A. into Seagram.

Prior to joining Seagram, Bronfman was a producer of plays and motion pictures, including “The Border,” with Jack Nicholson. He is also a songwriter and has written songs for such artists as Dionne Warwick and Ashford & Simpson, among others.

He is a member of the boards of the Collegiate School, The United Negro College Fund and the Teamwork Foundation. In 1987, he served as a chairperson of Music For Life, a benefit for the care of people with AIDS.


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Just wanted to add that when I read your post 2 things popped into my mind. Firstly, 'My Best Friends Wedding' (and it's cast) and I also remembered Michael Jackson's relationship with Diana Ross.

Ooh...and Paula Yates and her daughter.

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dont know bout abuse by Dee Dee, but there are a lot of strange circumstances involving her death and scummy producer Clive Davis. So if the film doesn't discuss those circumstances, doubt it's 'definitive'

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Sounds about right and seeing how messed up she was by the end. Such a waste of a 5 octave voice... but at least she will always be remembered.

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So sad, if true. Another small child being molested by a person she surely trusted.

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She was murdered. Odd burn marks were found on her body.

-- nobody gets those from taking a bath!

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Dione was a Minister. What of? Was there Satanism involved? Don't know but would not be surprised.