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I love the fact that you brought on downvoats ASAP.

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@migratorypatterns have you checked out Crowley's reference to the "vogue of ping-pong and diabolo" in his Book of Lies?

Here's a link:


"The fact remains that in vice, as in everything else, some things satiate, others refresh. Any game in which perfection is easily attained soon ceases to amuse, although in the beginning its fascination is so violent..."

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https://archive.fo/VY1Ph :

Cannibals, Zombies, and Hexes on Hitler: The Life and Times of William Seabrook - VICE

https://archive.fo/mE1fk :

The Wildest Hamptons Bondage Party

https://archive.fo/oKlgI :


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Greenwich Village in NYC reeks of symbolism from the art to certain buildings. 666 Greenwich is the most populated highrise in the area, a 1 minute walk to the Spotted Pig, which was revealed last year to have had a Rape Room upstairs. A block from there is a Photography/ Design Shop whose window currently displays White Horses galloping in a huge frame. This is 2 doors down from a Public School. The next st, Christopher St. is lined with lingerie shops, sex shops, gay bars, a theatre, and various restaurants. Equinox Printing House is a couple of blocks south of there. EQUINOX. A company whose marketing speaks for itself. That location neighbors Mainstream Radio and Production companies like Viacom, Hot 97, and GETTY IMAGES.

Didnt’t Weistein also have an apartment there?

There’s a church on Carmine and Bleecker with windows coming from the basement. Twice walking by on late nights i’ve heard kids crying or screaming from the lower levels.

Doors on carmine st show that there is an obvious underground space in the area - but this is not unique to nyc.

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Crowley on human sacrifice of young boys: https://raumfahrer.wordpress.com/manson/crowley-on-sacrifice/

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I recall watching entries in Lolfieldandlove's Programmed To Kill series on YouTube regarding David 'Son of Sam' Berkowitz and the Satanic cult which he belonged to (I can't recall the exact parts). It was alleged that Roy Radin belonged to the same coven as Berkowitz, that some of the Son of Sam murders were filmed for the viewing pleasure of the likes of Radin and that Radin was murdered by the cult for some transgression.

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Corretc sir and Radin was Mr Big linked to a mega Zionist branch of the OTO

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It's funny how Crowley pops up in or around places attached to conspiracy legends years before they happen. The montauk project conspiracy is my fav conspiracy of all time cuz it's 100 mph bat shit crazy from the get go, so makes sense Crowley would be camping out there in a tent a cannibal, voodoo enthusiast lent him 60 years before the Gov and the Dracos allegedly (lol) were using traumatized telepathic kids to bend time via delta antennas at Camp Hero. (*just lol-ling at my use of "allegedly" since dracos and whatnot, not the idea of traumatized kids). Another classic of conspiracy folklore Crowley is apparently linked to years ahead of time is the original alien abduction story: Barney and Betty Hill. You can check that out branch of speculation here if you'd like https://secretsun.blogspot.com/2012/03/wizards-workings-and-walk-ins-on-lam.html .

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Yeah, if the Process Church moved into my neighborhood I wouldn't find comfort n the idea that it's just a coincidence crazy shit happens where ever they go. It's also an interesting coincidence the cult that allegedly sacrificed german shepherds in Untermyer Park (which many have tied to Dogon and Sirius worship) would go on to establish the Best Friends Animal Society which specializes in taking care of large, dangerous dogs like Mike Vick's pit bulls. I actually did a tour of their compound in Kanab a few years back. They put up a nice and friendly front, and they are really the one shelter and organization set up to deal with these types of animals, but they sure didn't like talking about their organization's colorful, for lack of a better word, fucked-up might be better one, history.

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Aka the plot of stranger things

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Yep, I was wondering when a writer would figure out how to frame it in a fictional work.

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I wonder if those CL LI murders tie into this craziness somehow? Nothing would shock me at this point...really.

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