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SRA Is Real and is going on all over the world. Global. They are torturing children and doing horrible things to their minds.

It needs to stop.

UPVoat. Thank you for posting.

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SRA is real but there's no link to Tuam mass grave. It's bad enough as it is though. There are other cases of alleged SRA in Ireland, see Dalkey house of horrors https://aangirfan.blogspot.ie/2013/05/satanic-ritual-abuse-by-police-in.html?m=1

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We have our own horror right here on Voat. @StcharlesSeminary our SRA Survivor Read her story in my post https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/2397920 She names her abuser Msgr. Thomas Benestad and tells what happened in in the St. Charles Seminary Under Tunnels.

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@lamplight, since you did not edit the unsourced claims out of the post, or provide sources showing evidence to support them, I am flairing this "Possible Disinfo". Technically, I could remove this under Rule 2, but I think public awareness of the disinfo injection into the story is more important.

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OK. I left the source in to show that it could be disinfo.

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@lamplight, we need supporting links for all major claims, such as the SRA implied by this statement:

All evidence of this ritual abuse of children was covered up by the Gardai police, nor were mention of Satanic rites published in the press.

In addition, we flair anything coming from the "International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels" as "Possible Disinfo" because that is one guy's organization which poses as a real court but has no juridical standing anywhere and makes unverifiable claims.

I will give you the 24 Hour edit flair so you can add needed links and possibly edit so as not present that "court" as legit without explaining it's true nature. Please reply to this comment when you've edited. If you do not wish to edit, please repost in v/pizzagatewhatever, our speculative subverse.

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The little decapitated bodies were said to have been ritually abused – meaning organs and body parts were missing – likely a result of being used in Satanic child sacrifice rites. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-27710206

The link you've provided says nothing at all about the bodies being dismembered, or even of them being disinterred.

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The article only says this:

Others are saying these children were used by the satanic cult and Vatican pedophile network for ritual abuse. What do you think?

That doesn't meet our Rule 2 requirement for support.

It's really important -- if we are going to seriously document the forced adoption of kids oversees from Ireland -- that we not toss around baseless claims that are likely put out there by disinfo pushers to make people dismiss the whole legit story.

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I included a documentary video. Does this cover the validity of the topic? I wasn't aware that the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels was a one guy organization and not reliable.

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The video is great. It's not that the topic isn't valid, it's that the claims you are making about dismembered bodies and SRA have no supporting links provided. You've presented no evidence of those specific claims.

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This is for me :)

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https://hooktube.com/watch?v=6rzyru3HuKk :

Grand Jury to Investigate Church-State-Corporate Terror in Ireland - YouTube

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This is all been debunked you know that right 800 buried kids in catacomb like structures from almost half a of existence is not a scandal. http://www.spiked-online.com/newsite/article/the-tuam-tank-another-myth-about-evil-ireland/15140#.Wv4lo4iUuUk The fact the mainstream emdia has repeatedly pushed this story is also an indicator of horseshit....anyone remember the mas graves of the orhpans found during the times of the potato famine and the Influenza outbreaks? How that story was debunked on impact. BTW the eyewitness has always claimed to see 20 kids layed out in a row in the "septic" tank or whatever the make shift vault was.......also there have been a bunch of false claims of 8k kids buried ina septic tank cmon people stop being stupid....that Tuam orphanage operated for years and only had several instances of sub par inspections plus Ireland still had higher infant mortality rates than normal for a good part through world war 2. Mainly disease. https://www.associationofcatholicpriests.ie/2014/06/tuam-babies/ There is a century old plot for Holy Angels plot in Glasnevin and it has 50 thousand infants....who died from fever, stillborn whatever be the case for decades....I mean 19th century early 20th still had diseases, plagues, etc. running around. all in all its estimated 1 thousand per year or more came through that home its 30-40k and 800 buried on the land children babies who died because of natural causes, there were inspections and docs done by the state throughout that time. No accusations of occult trafficking sacrifices abuse etc. Just someone made up crap by some greedy types who were assembled by someone who was proven to be a lair who was mad the nuns whipped her butt like the nun from Blues Brothers. A lot people who were raised there adopted form there also came forward but were ignored they confirmed the experience there was normal and not abusive.

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This ☝

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Yep, tens of thosuands of kids came through there, no one reported any abuse for years in far more conservative and moral era, if you think some Irish Catholics from the 30's are going to put up with kids disappearing like that and all those nuns engaged in stuff like that, its preposterous. https://www.irishcentral.com/opinion/niallodowd/tuam-babies-hoax-speaker-at-notre-dame-long-accused-of-homophobia I find it funny the baby murdering pro pedophilia left are the ones screeching and spinning a yarn about the "vault" sewer tank whatever that 20 kids were found in, how did they die? Fever etc. hello it was big orphanage, it was a hoax...the person listed https://www.vox.com/2014/6/5/5779902/how-mid-century-ireland-dealt-with-unwed-mothers-and-their-children Mari Steed is a super feminist nut with a sketchy background also the claim she discovered the so called tank is a total lie “In 1975, when Sweeney was 10, he and a friend, Frannie Hopkins, 12, were playing on the grounds where the home was when they stumbled on a hole with skeletons in it.

“He [Sweeney] is quoted in the Irish Times saying ‘there was no way there were 800 skeletons down that hole. Nothing like that number.’ How many were there? ‘About 20,’ he says.”

Douglas Dalby of the New York Times did a good job checking the facts and his account supports what I wrote. He quotes Sweeney saying, “People are making out we saw a mass grave. But we can only say what we seen [sic]: maybe 15-20 small skeletons.”

https://www.catholicleague.org/irelands-mass-graves-story-is-fake-news/ She also while larping as a survivor made false claims of disputed by a ton of people who really were adoptees from there...Also Deeney's accusations going back decades based on the stat tables are absurd....he was linked to Rockefeller people.

1 I refuse to believe a large facility back then run by those types of people was sued to do any crazy shit that the freaks who make the claims don't even include. Also the one freak who lied and claimed she was in a "prison" and had her "sexuality repressed" is apart of agenda orgs that btw are Kinseyite. It seems to me anti Christian hoaxes and fake news and false allegations and larps are lumped into real stuff all the time detracting from the real pedogate/pizzagate child abuse stuff. BTW 800 dead kids buried on the ground of a 37 year operating orphanage was par for the course. Tuam like I said had a lot of unwed mothers stay there and the unwed mothers never reported any abuse they would have the baby adopt stay etc. It was abig housing facility open to public inspection and ingrained in the local community....Boystown it was not and remember Boystown was a behind the scenes operation not everyone or every kid was used that way, it was based on the firm model. Tuam's real infant mortality rate was par for the course for Ireland for that time and considering the sheer amount of people that came through there the allegations of "ripping off clean sheets" is retarded thats why they had the laundry facilities there they washed the sheets! This Elle Weasel type larping as a victim.

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Business as usual for catholics.