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I have to watch this and note the connections to my research over the past few years but... you know... it's kind of depressing and triggering as a token gift baby appropriated and given to other parents by the Catholic Church. I tell you when the Church is fully exposed so that nobody would think of joining it or indoctrinating their child into it, I will be happy. I did not baptize my daughter, I told her about religions growing up and said that she can join whichever one she wants. But if she does, she'll have to go through the longer study path of converting adults, so she can know what she is getting into :) It's been great to discuss with her how to be a good person outside of just following the usual religious rules.

BTW, my adoptive mother was a nun and I know for a fact that nunneries (where girls are sent to as teenagers) are the seat of much abuse and it's a HUGE BIG SECRET that the church is trying to keep quiet.

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The whole teaching of celibacy is all false and based on pure shit. The apostle Peter had a wife because in Luke 4:38 it says he has a mother-in-law which means he was married. That was never a stipulation from God. He made man and woman to be together. Celibate is just an open invitation for perversion.

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Also for isolation. The goal is not the same as the consequence. Upper-class families sent one of their own to the Church... it is the cost of staying in the upper class and continuing to belong to secret societies, you MUST make a gift of a child. My adoptive mother was sent to the nunnery against her will as the family's offering (16). The other daughter was married off to a much older Florida magistrate. I am not sure if mom was a sociopath before, but she was definitely a sociopath after, like the victim of some weird experiments to make people inhumane.

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And a way for the church to further control the priests. It's just one example of the twisted, phony system that is the Catholic Church

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OP Confirmed nutjob Catholic nun back in the 60's gets murdered, and you divert into pscyho demonic spewage ignoring the subject, a lovely conservative woman who did more good in one day than in a million years...get real sperg

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Thats the most ignorant thing I've ever seen posted...Paul was celibate so were the "monks" of the old testament...trying to link pedophilia to celibacy is the most fucking retarded thing ever 95% of these pedos and above are raging pan homo types spewing forth from the synagogue like Weiner just stop

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Everyone needs to do a tour at the MET in New York called "The Woman and the Seed" and they would see the full pagan scope as to why the church is the way it is. They care more about tradition rather than truth.

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Found this. It surely shows us that some did not see the real story and history. They thought it was just another way to force them into religion. No. The last person truly gets it and explains the meaning behind The Woman and the Seed.


I think it was interesting how they traced every belief through history as an exaggeration of Nimrod. They also used every bow and every arrow they could find to prove that certain civilization was worshiping Nimrod and thus, worshiping Satan.

I also remember that they traced Greek and Roman mythology back to Nimrod (they established early on that he was Baal, which upon further research, many have arrived to the same conclusion) and how Satan was so eager to hide the truth that he incorporated these false gods to drive them away from the true God.

Overall, the tour is interesting if you're into history and I guess since it takes place in a museum full of artifacts, it makes it "scholarly".

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Will try to do that :) Thanks!

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and I know for a fact that nunneries (where girls are sent to as teenagers) are the seat of much abuse and it's a HUGE BIG SECRET that the church is trying to keep quiet

Agree. Thanks for pointing this out. There was a big scandal already in 19th century Rome, when it turned out that elder nuns in a nunnery sexually abused the younger ones (together with a high-ranking male member of the Vatican).

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theres a nunnery in Tuam, Scotland where they found 800 skeletons of children and babies only a few years back

many appear to have died of natural causes though, neglect was a factor, unclear if there's a sexual abuse connection to it

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Over 10 years ago I downloaded an immense archive of whistleblower docs and I can't find them anymore (still looking) but it's definitely a thing that is kept quiet. Thanks for the additional info.

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In the show, tesimony makes reference to a man nicknamed ‘Skippy’ who was involved in Cathy’s murder. ‘Skippy’ is the nickname John Podesta used as detailed in various emails leaked to WikiLeaks.

I thought 'Skippy' was determined to be his nickname from that "fatherhood" video off that weird world corp website. Are there emails confirming this nickname? I wasn't aware of this.

edit - well fuck-me.

A thin, stern-looking man in photographs, Mr. Podesta was given the moniker Skippy the Evil Twin by the staff when he was in a bad mood, according to his brother, Tony Podesta, chairman of the Podesta Group, an influential lobbying and public-affairs firm. Twenty years ago, the two brothers started what has become one of Washington's most successful firms of its kind, originally called Podesta Associates. https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/55867

Evil twin huh? I did not know this information. Shit

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Yes, he's also quoted saying he has an alter ego named Skippy. The video from World Corp doesn't say skippy. That was never proven. But he himself has said his alter ego is named Skippy. Even James Woods on Twitter has called out John Podesta and addressed him as Skippy.

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Doesn't he say "say my name" and the kid says "John" Then he says, "say my other name" and the kid replies "skippy"

Am I wrong about that?

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No, but the video from world corp the man sings "I'm John Podesta", although he blurs the ending of podesta as he growls it while the kid screams louder. Shills in here kept saying they didn't here it. There was noththing else being said by anybody else, so everybody heard it.

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The Skull & Bones initiation ceremony, pizzagate related because everything is linked to these different secret societies, I mean everything!!


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THE KEEPERS was a very good documentary.

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I think Worldcorpo is finally offline.

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Anybody got that pic of jp with a mustache as described in the documentary?

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It's in the above-linked article.

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now that its on netflix its just even more "ha youve seen that on netflix or some other show, dude its fiction"

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Have you seen the documentary? I watched it last year and for some reason never made that connection. It's possible I didn't have the knowledge about Skippy yet when I watched it.

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nah i didnt see it. its just a usual reaction of a blue pilled listener. the human mind is very fragile, most of the "confirmed conspiracy theories" if not all get denied and laughed at by the masses as conspiracy theory bullshit. they just can not accept it.

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Thats why they put the things they do and things that happened on the big screen and on tv. It ficitonalizes it to the sheeple. Doesn't work on us, has the opposite effect.  But sheeple will always be the vast majority.
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