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I'm trying to work out what on earth this post is about? The film is 'Eyes Wide Shut' for starters. Can you give us a break from Q on this subverse please? Unless you have something very specific- I'm just not into Cluedo.

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You’re an excellent writer, love your sense of humour, your spirit, always enjoy reading your posts, but daggumit, you’re either a psyop planted to derail us or you’re suffering some serious psychosis. Either way, your posts always make my lunch break. UpVoataroony.

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Here is a rose. You can copy and paste it for her. 🌹

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Thanks. For all you smart-as-a-whip intelligent women making this verse a more interesting place: 🌹🌹🌹

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You’re an excellent writer, love your sense of humour

actually that's even more irritating than the pointless meandering that characterizes all her posts. then she complains when she runs out of space.

"I knew this Q drop would be HUUUUGE!!! So I made some coffee and opened my laptop. I donned a wool sweater, as it was now sundown -- or was it, perchance, the foreboding that which chilled me so?" STFU bitch.

WOMEN. ARENT. FUNNY. it has not been evolutionarily necessary.

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You just feel intimidated by us women that are smarter than you CUNT!

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But: She’s amazing. I think I may be in love.

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Uhm ... thanks?

Not sure how to respond since I'm taking even the insults as a compliment.

Thanks, for the sort-of support .. and I'm definitely psyops.

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Adam Schiff is part of all this too.

Allison Mack [NXIVM] arrested [date]?
When does a bird sing?
Schneiderman resigns [date]?
Eyes Wide Open.
Who will be next?
Watch NYC.
Watch CA.

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Adam Schiff is indeed a part of it. I haven't gotten to him. I collected so much stuff ... and haven't even gotten to the part about cannibals and the tie-in to yet another super rich family. You know, I'm thinking about this tie-in with the rich and Leslie van Houghton. Lots sympathized with her because she was this rich bitch and they figured she wouldn't normally have come up with serial murders on her own, but is that true? Makes me think of things in another light.

As for Schiff, he needs a post all his own.


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I just needed to use my eye wide open gif. I couldn’t help myself

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