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I know that if I were involved in leaking CIA software to Wikileaks then I'd be sure to store 10,000 CP images and videos on my personal computer. Right? That seems plausible.

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I think you meant Wikileaks, not Wikipedia. No telling what the reality is...

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It was supposedly the server he setup not his computer

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Of course. Because a CIA whistle blower dumping CIA code is spending his free time setting up child porn servers ..... you know ..... as a hobby or maybe a little cash on the side. Why worry about bringing a little child porn heat when you're already knee deep in treason? Right? All makes perfectly good sense. CIA is full of really really really smart people. The best and brightest. Fucking pathetic. 1000 splinters is too good for those cock suckers.

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Yeh, because leaking to Wikileaks he would not be part of the Deep Pedo State, else he would have played along with the power structure and kept his mouth shut.

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Breaking News: First time a govt. agency plants CP on a Whistle Blower's personal computer. Stop the Presses! Hmm. Uh. Possibly

he was too smart for them and they can't find the evidence. They can't hold him without charges so why not? Again, just my opinion.

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They break the law all the time. The held Ezra pound for years without filing charges.

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I know. It is disgusting. The CIA is a 3 letter org. but it is global. They should have no right to hold an American Citizen.

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The whole case sounds like a mess. Who knows what's really true?

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Whoah! This guy is in grave danger. Keep an eye out for the inevitable “suicide”...

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Anyone else think the child porn was planted in retaliation for leaking to Wikileaks?

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Depends on the investigators who picked him. I mean their names. We have pretty much figured out who the players are in this big game. The smaller operatives only show themselves when indicted, suicided, or open their mouths. 29 years old. What was I up to at that age? What was I thinking? Oh yeah, I remember, I was the unknown, soon to be, King of the World.

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Anything is possible.

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Well, isnt that conVENient?

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that might be real findings because he hosted several sites in contract for the CIA and now they backstab him?

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https://archive.fo/AtPqf :

https://archive.fo/FIwE8 :

Feds Raid Apartment of Suspected CIA Leaker, Find 10,000 Images of Child Porn - Motherboard

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