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If you click on Statewide Contractors there is a whole list of providers. Amazing. What a list. Morningstar Boys Ranch is one.

Edit: Morningstar Ranch Bishop's Accountability http://www.bishop-accountability.org/news13/2005_06_26_Shors_RanchAccused_Weitensteiner_AND_ODonnell_1.htm

Fifteen-year-old Timothy Donald Everts swore he would never go back to Morning Star Boys' Ranch.

He alleged that he was physically and sexually abused in the months he spent at the boys' home south of Spokane, according to his friends and family. When he ran away from the ranch in late 1977, bruises and welts covered his backside, his sister and two close friends told The Spokesman-Review. @VoatisCIA

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You are hitting the target!!!!!!!


" Morning Star Boys’ Ranch, a longtime group home for troubled boys in southeast Spokane, became the target of numerous lawsuits by former residents alleging physical and sexual abuse. Ranch supporters and its former director say the ranch has been sullied by the abuse allegations, which they vehemently deny. They say the Catholic-based nonprofit organization has provided a safe environment for more than 1,300 boys with behavioral problems for more than 50 years.

The first of 19 sex abuse lawsuits against the ranch went to trial early in 2010, and on Feb. 12 that year, a jury handed Morning Star a victory, ruling against plaintiff Kenneth Putnam, who claims he was molested while a resident in 1988 and ’89. Seattle attorney Tim Kosnoff’s law firm represents 14 other plaintiffs in suits against the boys’ ranch. Kosnoff said he intended to bring his strongest cases to trial first.

Defense attorney Jim King said he intends to defend Morning Star and its former director, the Rev. Joseph Weitensteiner, in every case that goes to trial. Attorneys for the ranch have shown no signs that they would consider a settlement, in contrast to the Catholic Diocese of Spokane, which in 2007 settled with 180 plaintiffs claiming to have been sexually abused by priests.

Allegations of abuse at the ranch surfaced in 2005, beginning with two former residents who accused ranch employees of sexual and physical abuse. More former wards of the ranch came forward with abuse allegations in the following months. The suits named Weitensteiner, defrocked priest and admitted pedophile Patrick O’Donnell, and several counselors.

The state continues to place boys in the care of the ranch.

Key people Jim King Jim King, an attorney with Spokane law firm Evans, Craven & Lackie, is the lead defense attorney for Morning Star Boys’ Ranch. He has litigated many medical malpractice, employment, professional negligence, worksite/premises liability and wrongful death cases in Eastern Washington and North Idaho in his career.

Timothy Kosnoff Timothy Kosnoff is a Seattle attorney who specializes in child sexual abuse cases. His firm represents Kenneth Putnam and 14 other plaintiffs in lawsuits against Morning Star Boys’ Ranch. He has prevailed in abuse cases involving the Boy Scouts of America, several Catholic dioceses, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, the Salvation Army, the Jesuits and other religious orders.

Kenneth Putnam Kenneth Putnam was sent to Morning Star Boys’ Ranch as a ward of the court in 1986. He has alleged that the Rev. Joseph Weitensteiner molested him when he was 13 or 14 years old on the priest’s boat, in his car and at his home at St. Patrick’s Parish in northeast Spokane. Also, Putnam says counselor Doyle Gillum, now deceased, molested him in a boy’s bedroom at the ranch on two occasions. Putnam has a criminal history dating to 1988 that includes felony theft, burglary, assault and drug convictions.

Rev. Joseph Weitensteiner The Rev. Joseph Weitensteiner retired as director of Morning Star Boys’ Ranch in 2006. He began as a ranch counselor in the 1960s and was promoted to director of Morning Star after he was ordained a Catholic priest in 1966. Weitensteiner had admitted to administering corporal punishment to ranch residents but has steadfastly denied more serious allegations of abuse of boys, including sexual abuse.

Latest updates in this topic

APRIL 18, 2015 Diocese returns Morning Star ranch priest to ministry The Rev. Joseph Weitensteiner, the former director of Morning Star Boys’ Ranch, has been reinstated as an active priest after the last sex abuse claims against him were rejected by …"

Link: http://www.spokesman.com/topics/morning-star-boys-ranch/

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Horrid, just horrid. I only read half of my report when I posted and now I am in total disgust after reading it all. I have read many reports done by Bishop's Account. but this one really got to me mainly because of my anger at CPS. I cannot believe they reinstated him, but this happens often. No punishment.

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It was the Church/Bishop and LE/Sheriff that were protecting the priest. And Morning Star is still in operation.

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Morning star.....I’m certain that means Lucifer.

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You're correct!!

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BTW- Morning Sunday mass ;) Morning star worship; that's as Luciferian as it gets

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What? For Real?

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De Leon had worked for the DSHS Children's Administration since 2000. 18 years. Who really thinks he has only abused 5 children. Not me.

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And how odd that he turn himself in. There must be more to the story.

Just speculation...

Imagine there is a white hat dude in any particular organization. Maybe he’s solo. He’s diggin... he’s got dirt on some pedo higher ups. He’s tryin to find a way to blow the whistle... but then his bosses get wind of it. They do their thing, startsandbaging him, threatening him, browbeating him. Finally, they plant the goods... maybe put CP on his laptop. Maybe they lean on some kids in their stable to point the finger at white hat. Now he’s neutralized.

It’s tough to imagine what I would do if that’s me. Maybe I would turn myself in, idunno. I obviously have NO basis to asume that is happening here, but the detail that he turned himself in... that gets me thinking outside of the box. It’s a lateral move. It’s dicey, but unexpectable. If one had good allies, it could work. Just a thought. I am more than likely WAY off here, but I think it is a possibility that every LE white hat faces.

EDIT: oh.. yeah, probably way off. I think I remember reading about that ranch, or maybe it was in the local tv news when I lived there (referring to your comments on this post).

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You could be right. It certainly could happen. Dirty cops can ruin a person's life. Also, I thought of how hard a decision when you have a family to support and you know darn well you would be out of a job. It's easy for us to sit here, not being in their shoes. Yeah, those guys play dirty.

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Good point it is weird he turned himself in. Very likely more to the story.

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Correct Carmencita! He is a serial abuser!!

Other Pedos working with HIM will go down next! Who did he work under?

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See my comment about Morningstar Boys Ranch. What do you bet that many they contract out to take part in sexual abuse.

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I have been thinking about the Sheriff and connection to the Morning Star Boys Ranch and did a little research. Here is what I found.


Paul Ingram was an Olympia Kiwanis Member and was the chief civil deputy for the Thurston County Sheriffs office, in the late 1980s, (under Kiwanis member and Sheriff Gary Edwards). Paul Ingram was an OKBR board member and was charged with rape and with accusations of satanic rites, and sexual misconduct "beyond any known human behavior".

In 1989, Paul Ingram, a deputy sheriff in Olympia, Wash., received a 20-year prison sentence for sexually abusing his two daughters in satanic rituals. The trial sparked widespread debate about "recovered memory syndrome," covered by Ethan Watters in Mother Jones (July/August 1991, Jan./Feb. 1993), and later in his book, co-authored by Richard Ofshe, Making Monsters: False Memories, Psychotherapy, and Sexual Hysteria (New York: Scribners, 1994).

Until Oct 1999, I believed that the Kiwanians and their friends were guilty of careless neglect or callous indifference. After hearing frightening audio depositions from some of the abused kids, I now believe that these Thur Co citizens were involved with an "active collaboration with evil." According to these depositioned kids, (which was not contradicted by Kiwanian attorney Don Miles), the OKBR staff was involved in long-term molestation and sadistic abuse of these helpless children. DSHS, Olympia, & the Kiwanians criminally ignored the warning signs and then justified their inaction by claiming ignorance. Many of these inattentive judges, lawyers, & politicians want your vote for re-election.

Could this possibly be connected to Morning Star Boys Ranch? Sheriff connection DSHS Olympia Kiwanis Boys Ranch


Lucifer (/ˈluːsɪfər/ LOO-sif-ər) is a name that, according to dictionaries of the English language, refers either to the Devil or to the planet Venus when appearing as the morning star.[1][2][3]

As a name for the Devil, the more common meaning in English, "Lucifer" is the rendering of the Hebrew word הֵילֵל‎ in Isaiah (Isaiah 14:12) given in the King James Version of the Bible. The translators of this version took the word from the Latin Vulgate,[4] which translated הֵילֵל by the Latin word lucifer (uncapitalized),[5][6] meaning "the morning star, the planet Venus", or, as an adjective, "light-bringing".[7]

As a name for the morning star, "Lucifer" is a proper name and is capitalized in English. In Greco-Roman civilization the morning star was also personified and considered a pagan god.[8] At that time the distinction between capitalized and lower-case letters had not yet been invented.[9]

Thanks to @pixiebitch for the Morning Star and Lucifer connection.

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Holy fucking shit!!! Wtf!! Paul Ingram was a Satanist!!!

A historical case of Satanism.

Two other officers did these crimes with him.

"The Thurston County ritual abuse case was a 1988 case in which Paul Ingram, county Republican Party Chairman of Thurston County, Washington and the Chief Civil Deputy of the Sheriff's department, was accused by his daughters of sexual abuse, by at least one daughter of satanic ritual abuse[1] and later accused by his son in 1996 of abusing him from the ages of 4 to 12.[2]

Ingram pleaded guilty and his confession grew increasingly elaborate and detailed, while Ingram's young daughters and their friends subsequently accused a sizable number of Ingram's fellow Sheriff's department employees of abuse.[citation needed] He now maintains he is innocent and alleges his confession was coerced. He tried to withdraw his plea and requested a trial or clemency, but his requests were refused. According to the appeals court, the original trial had conducted "an extensive evidentiary hearing on the coercion issue" and found that Ingram was unable to prove his claims of coercion, a situation his appeals did not change.[3] Ingram was released in 2003 after serving his sentence.[4]

The case is often cited by proponents[who?] of the idea that satanic ritual abuse actually exists as proof because Ingram was found guilty; in reality, Ingram was never charged with "satanic ritual abuse" but with six counts of rape in the third degree, and received an unusually long sentence – rather than a maximum of three and a half years, he was sentenced to twenty years.[5] The "satanic" aspects of the case were dropped by the prosecution[6] although the appearance of Satan was integral to Ingram's confessions. The case has also been compared to the Salem witch trials.[7][8]"


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OK. Found it. We have had worse things on here. Again it is from the Wiki https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thurston_County_ritual_abuse_case The Thurston Count Ritual Abuse Case

Ingram was accused of sexually abusing both of his daughters over a period of years. Initially Ericka, his eldest daughter, claimed this abuse had stopped in 1979 but later his other daughter Julie said it had happened less than five years before. When first interviewed in 1988 by Sheriff Gary Edwards and Undersheriff Neil McClanahan about the sex abuse accusations, Ingram "basically confessed during the first five minutes" as McLanahan would later state.[11]

As the case proceeded, the accusations increased in scope and detail. Ingram was also accused of participating in hundreds of satanic rituals including the slaughter of 25 babies. Ericka claimed she had caught a sexually transmitted disease from him, and had a baby aborted when near term.[12]

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Yep. That's the way it seems. But the similarities of DSHS and the Sheriff angle just is too much to ignore and the Boys Homes. Also I saw some really graphic descriptions of other things that went on. I did not include. Could try to find again if you think I should.

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It's never ending. At first I thought certain parts of the country seemed to have more pedophiles than other regions, but I am beginning to doubt it. It would seem almost every state has a serious problem. Sickening.

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About a year ago I just quit trusting anyone NOT to be a pedophile. It's rampant. Fucking disgusting.

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You might be on to something. Washington state is a massive 'hive' of Pedos and Satanists!

• The Emery Brothers - Seattle

• The Seattle MAYOR

..... and Olympia.... is about to FALL!!!

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I have to live here :( Not all of us are perverts.

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Now if only the rest of the pedos would just turn themselves in...

Also, I know some teachers in WA. The general consensus among teachers in that particular school district is that DSHS (CPS for WA) is useles... not necessarily dangerous. I have been waiting for a story like this to come along and maybe help open a conversation, particularly with those teachers. Our reports about the corrupt child protective services may be painting things with too wide of a brush. Likely certain branches and offices are ‘infected’ but not all. If that’s true, we may find more whistleblowers coming forward.

Also: Yakima used to have an interesting rep. Migrant workers hub, smuggling hub. It’s a river city surrounded by large farming communities, hours away from Portland, OR, Seattle, etc. Hick town justice is no match for real criminals, generally.

Thanks, OP. UP VOTE

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God bless this pervert's wife, who reportedly confronted him and demanded that he turn himself in. As we know, many wives instead cover up the abuse or pretend they don't know it's happening. The victims are believed to have been 12 years old or younger when the abuse began, according to this reporting: https://www.yaktrinews.com/news/yakima-man-who-abused-kids-charged-with-8-felony-sex-crimes/740183493

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Holy shiiiiiiiitttt...I would have come unglued.

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She was a good one infiltrated and murdered someone interestingly enough accuse Bill Hicks and Infowars of doing it