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11th Annual, 111,000 members. Fascinating isn't it? If only we knew the code.

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111.000 pervs getting die Schei­ße kicked out of them in prison for the next 15 years. Wonder what those numbers mean?

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Code is Germany is a communist country run by Israel. Do you really expect 111,000 (made up number by the way) to be arrested all in an article next week? I don't believe any news anymore, but I do like the feel good, fire fighter saves kitten from small tree stories.

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More about that Elysium: https://www.voat.co/v/pizzagate/2319664

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The Elysian Fields Inc has an annual sales volume of 501K - 999,999. .For more information contact Claudia Lea Semple, Vice President or go to www.elysianfieldsonline.com

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I knew that name rang a bell. Thanks for reminding me about Legend and Elysium. Wow.

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This just popped in my head, if a man is a paedo but married , he buys the expensive ($10-$100k!!!) table at Elysiums "event" , he's really paying to play & his wife is none the wiser. A list of their attendees would make for good diggin.

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very good... every Hollywood actor is a prostitute and/or pimp. It just depends on their place in the cult.

sex is their commodity and their pastime. Abuse of children is their covenant and their bond.

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It looks like they caught one producer. That is good.

Please update me if they get anyone else abusing kids. I'm tired of them hyping up their numbers only to find out they caught people with pictures, but not the people making the photos/videos/whatever. It bothers me to no end. Get the fucking people doing the abuse.

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Get the fucking people doing the abuse.

No market = no incentive to produce. I get that there are levels, but in this arena the producers and consumers are all part of the system doing the abuse. All need to hang.

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Didn't this already happen in 2017? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-40517193

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Yeah. Your article says July 6th 2017 and OP article is dated today. Could it have taken that long to charge and shut them down? Very Odd.

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I see. They are just prosecuting the guys now. Definitely time for a break.

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No I'd call that 100% thorough and normal.

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Is fake news of busts to make you think something is going on when its only faked events or low level copy operators? Not the state sponsored mega shit?

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It did. They just keep getting raided.

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So they created a patsy who tried to whistle blow.

If this was an elitist police officer being "accused" (sic), people would be dead.

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I suspect they are covering their tracks, if so, the "owner" will "hang himself".

A legit operation would be to silently take it down and scrap as much user info as possible before bringing the website down. That is how they took major dnms.

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This is my favorite part of this board. When child pornographers are arrested and people complain about it.

Because they are not the right kind of child pornographers.

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The day all child porn victims get justice will be one of the greatest days in history.

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THE greatest, IMO. 🙏

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Notice how the (((push))) for taking away rights hasn't reached a point where everything on all of your devices isn't automatically logged and had an algorithm thrown on it? I have... Not complaining, but the implications would remove a big chunk of our gov..ern... wait do laws apply to people in power?

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15 years in prison??? WHAT? Shameful. Death penalty imo for all involved

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ALWAYS!!!! @KillAllPedos

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Good news.

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https://archive.fo/tfGHG :

            German prosecutors charge child-porn website operators | Reuters

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