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You should triangulate minor H1N1 outbreaks with global elections, that's how I figured out that the 2010 Ukrainian Swine Flu outbreak was possibly a setup to pressure the Yanukovych gov (who manafort was helping get elected).

IMO the UK/US did not cover their tracks in the latest round of bioweapons. You also have to think in terms of these shadow groups using the whole body, they are too smart not to use organs, blood etc after they're done.


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Thanks for the tip. Interesting..I'll certainly have a look.


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After Marina Abramovic drains all the blood from the dead babies, how and where does she "ship" them???

British man arrested in Thailand with suitcase full of dead babies to have been used in black magic ritual

Link http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2146396/British-man-arrested-Thailand-suitcase-dead-babies-used-religious-ritual.html


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Just another income source I would suppose. You might be right, in that they could be the suppliers, but with such a light sentence nothing gets done.


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Soon we will learn that umbrella corporation from resident evil is real, just look how similar order of Malta knights logo looks like and what is logo of umbrella , and technologies like city centre stages, cloning technologies and so on are real according to various people like Emery smith , interesting topic too see cheers people

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here is transcript of one of episodes talking about that

So they took the mutation of these genes of all these mutated creatures, 
and then started mutating them even more, more, more and more.

And then they became so mutated that the cells were actually dying too quickly.

And they were able to add proteins to them to re-animate the body, even though it was brain dead.

David: So this is similar to the concept of the zombie.


David: So how does “Resident Evil” play into this? I mean, it's a large movie series.
 There's like nine of them or something.

Emery: Well, you have the Cabal. I mean, it's a perfect description of a Cabal.

David: There's this umbrella corporation.

Emery: Yeah, this corporation umbrella. 

And they basically were a regenerative medicine corporation, 
if you read actually the storybook of whoever wrote it.

And what they were doing is trying to regenerate cells for face creams. 
So it's a great storyline because a lot of these big pharma corporations are behind it . . . of a lot of these things.

So this medicine actually went bad and started actually destroying the skin cells, 
but it also re-animated them at the same time. So it was really new.

It was kind of like destroying, dying, killing, dying . . .
 because you want to kill your skin cells so that they grow back faster.

So it was a great concept.

And the thing was they had an underground base somewhere in the United States of America, 
which was very realistic.

David: In the movie.

Emery: In the movie, which was very realistic.

David: And that's the Hive, right?

Emery: Yeah, the Hive.

here is another guy named Randy Cramer that talks the same about some form of TVIRUS and extremely advanced genetic and medical technologies now available, here is video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O7HHvecN7rA he says that zombieland is name of training grounds that resembles urban place and they let go live targets which are clones infected with some disease to use live ammunition for them

what is interesting there are more people saying similar things

edit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hoyMT-7wEqs look at this video, you see suburbia biological testing ground there, people wake up as clones with pre programmed memories so they think they are real but in reality they just woke up, then infected clones are released

David: Let's talk a little bit about these simulations, 
because what you're describing now is something you and I have talked about quite a bit. 
And it is disturbing, but I think it's important to get a little bit deeper into it than you did.

Paint the picture now for what would happen in a particular underground facility 
if they were going to make a simulation. What would we see, like . . . just as the chessboard?

Emery: It would be like a Hollywood production studio set up where they would take a center of 
maybe Miami or just a city anywhere and then mimic a few blocks of that in an area.

David: Okay.

Emery: And then cloned humans that they would just wake up already programmed
 with something in their head, like they think they lived there their whole lives or whatever, . . .

David: And they wouldn't realize they were in an underground base at all.

Emery: They would not even realize that because they're going to be dead in 10 minutes or infected.

David: Right.

Emery: Because you have to remember this has to do with depopulation programming.

So what they want to know with these simulations is one thing. 
How fast can we get this virus to spread? And how are the people going to react?

And how many of them are going to fight back, and how many won't?

And who are they going to call? You know, who are they calling?

David: Right.

Emery: So they're very smart about what things to look for, but I think it's just a big chess game for them. 
I think it's just a big fantasy game.

I don't believe . . . but billions and billions of dollars are put into these little chess game projects.

David: How would a particular simulation come to a conclusion? 
How long does it run, and how do they conclude it?

Emery: They conclude it when all the humans are dead, and the virus has spread.

David: So you and I have talked about the “Resident Evil” movie series.

last part is the best

Emery: Simulations, yeah. And I think it's more for the enjoyment of the Cabal, to be honest.

Because I do not believe that the extraterrestrials would EVER let something like that happen.

And I also don't believe the Alliance [Earth Alliance] is going to let that happen either.

David: Well, it's interesting because I have another high level insider that gave me 
a lot of information about the zombie program. 
And he said that there have been multiple times that the Cabal THOUGHT 
they were going to release some of these creatures into our society.

And they would have angelic intervention. They would have benevolent ETs, 
light being type ETs, the REALLY advanced ones, that would completely stop anything like that from happening.

And so what he said was that they ultimately had to scrap enormous programs
 that they thought they were going to be able to use, because no matter how they tried, 
no matter which way they tried to flip it around, they just couldn't get it “authorized”.

It's always about authorization for them.


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Child traffickers keep big pharma supplied with fresh meat to experiment on, I shouldn't wonder.


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Who would miss a third world child, except for the loved ones that can not afford justice or defense? That is what we are dealing with.


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Great post, neptunium. Giving this a "potential lead" flair. We need to dig much deeper into the biotech shennanigans of the Pedocracy.


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Thanks vindicator.


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Did you just vindicate yourself?


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In 1998, the Clinton administration required the inoculation of all military members,[1][2] despite the fact that the FDA issued a Warning Letter to the anthrax vaccine manufacturer threatening to revoke its product licenses unless immediate action was taken to correct deficiencies on March 11, 1997 (see Appendix 6).[3] In June 2001, the DoD halted vaccination due to non-FDA approved changes in BioPort's manufacturing process....


..Fuad El-Hibri appears to be the real day-to-day director of Intervac and is listed by Dun & Bradstreet as the "chief executive" of Bioport. The reclusive Ibrahim El Hibri, who grants no interviews, has homes in Caracas, Maryland, Paris and Beirut, which he visits all year around, being careful of avoiding tax residence in any of them. Where he got his millions is a mystery. He invested in Porton International, a British pharmaceutical firm where his son worked, in the early 90’s and according to a US Congressional review, Porton International sold anthrax vaccines to the Saudi Arabian Government. In Venezuela, Ibrahim El Hibri runs the country’s third largest cell phone operator Digitel, despite having sold control of the company to Telecom Italia Mobile. Meanwhile in El Salvador, his son Fuad El Hibri, finds the time to run Digicel, a cellular telephone concession which the family bought two years ago.

After the attacks of September 11th. President Bush placed BioPort's North Lansing laboratory under protection, invoking the national interest. Interestingly enough, the Italian magazine Il Manifesto reported, in its October issue, that this happened at the same time that the FBI also placed the El Hibri’s at the top of their list of suspects for sending anthrax spores through the mail system.

Today's Person of Interest: Denis O'brien [DIGICEL], a billionaire friend of Bill Clinton, who made a fortune in Haiti


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It all goes back to certain British families. Remember the Orangemen lodge was not about Protestants and Catholics but about English control. Togo, USA, and possibly Canada branches, and started in Northern Ireland with the further invasion of Ireland. Togo is the nexus of the slave coast.


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I volunteered before that happened. I ain't no draft dodger Son. I could have held closely a uranium bullet next to my brain and waited forever to fire at nothing. Who needs a microwave at that point?


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Think you posted to the wrong comment Yog.


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Jan. 2008:

Porton Down Veterans 'offered cash'

The BBC claim £3 million is to be made available to compensate victims of chemical testing at the site near Salisbury, in Wiltshire.

The ex-servicemen claim they were tricked into taking part in what they were led to believe were cold remedy tests at the research centre in the 1950s and 1960s.


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That Russian guy and his daughter were false-flag poisoned only a few miles from Porton Down apparently. The single place in the UK that's set up to produce nerve agents (for research purposes obviously).


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Yes, it's what stirred my interest in Porton Down and all the lies the British public were being told.


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Interesting, cousin huh. I KNOW that the etymology of the Alefantis name pretty much precludes any doubt that they are cousins but do we know that for sure? Quite circumstantial anywhichway because this thread simply proves that these people all move in the same circles. This thread is the perfect template on how the elite look at death and destruction simply as a business to be capitalized upon and profit is micromanaged. They start a war and see OBVIOUS runoff in the form of orphaned children, so what do they do with the runoff, let it go to waste or profit from it? So they farm children out to perverts ,occultists and biotech while the other half figures out ways to kill half of us off prematurely (while stil making a profit). It REALLY goes to show what SEEDY NASTY BULLSHIT RISES TO THE TOP OF THIS SATANIC FUCKWAD "CIVILIZATION".


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I started looking into adrenochrome a bit more (for a number of reasons) and found some interesting history on corpse medicine, Paracelsus, the Knights of Malta and cannablism- planning to do a post at some point. But for now, you might find this Smithsonian article interesting: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/the-gruesome-history-of-eating-corpses-as-medicine-82360284/


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Yes, we know that for sure. The family tree was looked into over a year ago.


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Can we christen it ..the pedoempire..? Its easy to get out ..thats our only option . Were not meant to save the world we.re meant to leave it.



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Poor kids are the easiest to snatch, and poor parents lack the resources to search for them.

I suspect the goal is a drug administered in childhood to render them docile and compliant as adults. Testing would have to start with the kids. Again, poverty not only provides test subjects, but also the cover for any mistakes.


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and poor parents lack the resources to search for them

Or they will even sell them, in order to buy food.

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