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We know Lynch is a traitor but sounds like a bunch of cowards in NY. There are great policemen, no doubt, but most police especially the NYPD are corrupt. Do not call or talk to them. Know your rights.

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the culture within the NYPD is well-known and going against it is a recipe for disaster for any individual. if the fucking federal government and the top law officer in the country (AG) is threatening you, in order to protect extremely powerful political figures, you take it serious. Especially having some idea of the type of corruption they were trying to cover-up, it would be unwise to go against that force. If not for you, for the other members of your "brotherhood" who may have their lives completely destroyed and for which you would bear some responsibility. I'm certain the small group of people in-the-know about this evidence discussed the merits among themselves and considered the likelihood of conditions improving in the future to ensure this information got out, without enduring the costs being threatened by the AG. It's easy to forget post-election how dire and powerless the situation was prior to Trump's taking power. It's been a process but if you look back you can see that he's been gaining and consolidating power this entire time. It really does feel like a different environment and he's establishing a situation where "law and order" can be restored - exactly as he promised and made a centerpiece of his campaign during the nominating convention. It should be no surprise that only after that credibility is established can the truly damaging stuff come to light - it was simply too risky for individuals prior to having a backstop from Trump. This is why he's always going out of his way to appreciate the military and the police and others - he's building trust and backing it up because he knows that they have the ability to really move the dial on all of this, but first they have to know he can and will protect them. At this point, if you doubt Trump's sincerity and willingness to take bullets in service of the truth, you're a fucking fool.

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You make valid points. I am not into the creature worship of Trump, but I have noticed that he seems to be building power. He seems to be making progress, despite being under constant attack.

His opponents, the deep state, have been in power; unchallenged since before the Kennedy assassination. Doesn’t Mueller date back to this era? We can see that Trump is not perfect, but I suspect that he is backed by the military. Maybe they planted pizzagate evidence in Cohen’s office so that it would get sucked up into the public record by the Russian Collusion probe.

That would be hilarious; poetic justice, but I freely admit it’s just a fiction of speculation on my part.

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I hope you're right. Not all men are as brave as those who are no longer with us. As President Trump quoted, "Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one's life for one's friends."


"...do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather fear him who can destroy both soul and body in hell."

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This is not true. The police have also been extremely muzzled and hampered by DeBlasio. The mayor of NYC has always set the tone for the way the police act. With the AG breathing down their ass, it only worsened the conditions they operated in.

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Beat cops are poor and basically serfs of the white shirts. I believe they tried to protest and were shut down.

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I love you guys and the work you do. A LOT of what you do never makes the mainstream. I think this really could be a major happening. From a sort of etic perspective take my advice and push this hard. It resonates with normies that a black woman was able to suppress the entire NYPD with threats. Spread this like wildfire.

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Loretta would definitely threaten the cops with prosecution for Eric Garner's death by cop chokehold.

And the cops being the corrupt cowards they have always been would have definitely caved in to Loretta.

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Going to reiterate that I was working near killary campaign HQ in Brooklyn when the Erik prince allegations about Weiner laptop and NYPD surfaced. Literally within days I was outside smoking and saw NYPD setting up what looked like a protest cordon. Several uniformed officers were in the cordoned area. It was weird because I had never seen NYPD stand inside protest cordons. Shortly after some white shirts showed up [NYPD lieutenants] and started a discussion with other officers . Shortly after that the cordoned area was taken down. I was so shocked I did not even take pics. I have no proof but 100% believe this was tied to the allegations regarding weiners laptop contents. Yes, "are we sure", I am sure.........

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UpVoat! Thanks for presenting this in a clear and concise manner.

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Loretta Lynch would in a NY Minute use the Eric Garner case to Blackmail those LE Officers into submission. This has nothing to do with racism on her part (although there could be some) but is all about making them jump through her hoop. I don't know what is on that laptop but now we know there is something they don't want exposed. The last thing those Policeman and DeBlasio wanted is for the Garner case to explode even worse than it already had. The NYPD and DeBlasio had to keep this from turning into Ferguson Mo. and Lynch knows that.

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This is beginning to make sense.

Hope some influence is being exerted and that the investigation gets back on track.

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