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Fuck these damn bigfoot quality pictures. We need something definitive. That could be Hillary's skank double for all we know.

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I have seen every picture you posted there, except the last one. I thought before that the second-to-last photo was Skippy, but maybe not.

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Looks too skinny to be Hilary.

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it's probably not recent - pre-plane accident/stroke she was in much better shape generally

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I was going to say this. She wishes she were so skinny, I'd imagine.

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Who are all these idiots that flew out of the wordwork for this FAKE ASS VIDEO? I don't recognize a single one of you clowns that are pushing this as the real deal. Every one of you is likely a disinfo agent bent on destroying what little credibility still exists. Say hi to George Eyebags Soros for me.

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bingo... look at all these faggots and listen to the tone of this brigade lol

OH... and that IS NOT Hillary and Huma

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I like how there are so many people getting all pissy about this picture and talking like they know anything about photos.

I've been working with digital imagery since the late 90s, you know the time of our lives that including low-res shit like this. As a digital artist and professional photographer I would say the left woman definitely looks close enough to be HRC, including the huge thunder thighs. Too hard to tell who it is on the right, but I do agree with the assessment it looks like that person is holding a baby.

Am I saying it IS them? No. Just that it is possible proof in our corner.

Y'all wishing for 1080p quality screengrabs before you believe anything that many others with a trained eye claim they can see..... ye godz.

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Whats up with the artifact from the pong table on the woman on the right’s right foot? Not denying anything just asking if it seems shopped from a pro

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I've had a look at that from a couple devices and to me it looks like it's on the wall behind the projected image. Could be halo from the footage being superimposed over several minutes of footage as others have suggested.

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actually, you must not be that talented because as i stated above that woman is way too skinny to be hillary. the woman in the photo has very thin thighs, which leads me to believe it's not her. if you can't see that, then i don't trust your judgement or your eyes.

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No she really doesn't, what you're looking at is the sheen on her pants and similar coloring to the table, and have thus decided that denotes thin thighs. If I was stupid like you, I'd go with that too. But as I have 20+ years in the digital editing field, I'm gonna stick with my better opinion thanks.

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I doubt 100% we will get any footage/pics of Killary in Comet Pingpong - it would be MSMs Birthday-Christmas&Anniversary all rolled into one to spread that 'pizzagaters' are believing this screenshot came from Comet Pingpong................. Now on Epstein Island, that would be another story - Killary, elite sickos, would never have suspected they would be caught on film so privately tucked away on Little St. James Island with their 'loyal fellow pedovores'. Think about it, 'they.....the.....MSM' long to show the world how deluded we are. The 'proof' is never going to come from Comet Pingpong, no matter how much we want it to be true.

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Hillary is an arrogant bitch, even to her most faithful sycophants. She wouldn't be hobnobbing with DC riff raff and laying on a fucking ping pong table at Comet. Like you said, she does her carnivoring in private, among other elites.

This is some top level stupid shit disinfo and the OP is more suspect than Alefantis.

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For comparison here is HRC in a swimsuit from many years ago:

Warning: eye bleach required after viewing:


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This is the most staged photo I've ever seen! She's wearing sunglasses because she can't even pretend to gaze into his eyes and he's so good at pretending she's someone else that he can put on the false amore. They even made sure to wear blue to represent their politics.

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still chubby

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This is apparently from twitter #frazzledrip (the alleged code name for the HRC child sacrifice / face-ripping video)

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HRC child sacrifice / face-ripping video

wait, what??

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A supposed video of Hillary and Huma allegedly ripping the face off of a child.

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Hey speaking of JFK, ever watched the James Files interview?

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i haven't. what's it about?

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no it's not, you stupid liar

this looks like bullshit

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I'm not a liar, you mean-spirited, fat cunt. I guess I'm just wrong...it was in the 4chan thread and I assumed they were same-source.

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